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As a RAW or natural feeder/breeder, I am all for the natural way of doing things and over the last few years, I have become increasingly worried about the effect vaccinations are having on our dear friends, or more specifically booster vaccinations.....The ones your vet will send you a card through the post to advise are now due...On this page I would like to share my own feelings about annual boosters......I will then present you with FACTS, not just opinions, based on all this, you will then be in a more informed position to make choices for your own pet, regarding whether to boost or not. Our own opinions are based on what we have seen over the years - dogs which turn up on our table in the grooming studio, and also tales of those who have not been lucky enough to make it back for their groom, as a possible result of being boosted, they are now dead.....More proof to me, that the stand we decided to take over 20 years ago regarding boosters was definitely the right choice for our dogs.

It was very much a personal choice for us and it's a choice you must make for yourself, the reactions that some dogs will experience whether minor or major does not reflect what every dog reboosted will experience.  I see it as a lottery, but based on the evidence below, is it a lottery that gives your dog a fair chance ? 

Please take the time to discuss your vets policy on reboosting, what is specific to that area at any given time may be relevant to his outlook at any given time, but the main point I'm trying to make is, don't just accept that what could be right for one dog in one area is the right thing to do in your area, investigate this subject as much as you can and try to educate yourself on these matters, to form your own opinions and make a more informed choice when deciding what to do about boosters.

The purpose of this page is also to look at alternative methods of protecting our pets, all of which are far safer than the traditional method and are as effective and in some cases far more effective !! please go HERE

So then...I would firstly like to share my feelings with you over booster vaccines and why we have NEVER annually boosted our dogs and NEVER will, unless a titer test revealed that they had less immunity in certain areas, I am increasingly convinced that this is the way forward.  

I do not, however advocate non protection of my puppies, as a breeder my advice to all of my puppy owners is not to take the risk of leaving your puppy unprotected and any puppies we keep on here, are always given their first set of puppy jabs, that's where it ends for us, I have not annually boosted now for more than 20 years, we have over the years produced generations of dogs from non-boosted lines and have nothing but healthy, happy dogs and puppies.

The age we recommend to vaccinate

When puppies are born, they have very few antibodies of their own, they gain the protection of their Mother's antibodies when they begin to suckle and it's the first milk, known as colostrum which is rich in them, the more the puppy suckles the first few days, the more maternal antibodies he recieves.

The puppy can only recieve these for two days though, as that's about as long as the colostrum lasts before changing to regular milk, the protection he recieves in those first crucial days, should carry him through to the time he is due to have his puppy vaccinations.

There is conflicting advice as to when these vaccinations should start and how long should be left inbetween them.

The reason for this is that nobody is really 100% sure how long the protection from the maternal antibodies lasts, by administering a vaccine to a puppy who still has a good supply of maternal antibodies is fruitless, as the maternal antibodies will attack the antigens from the vaccination, as it enters the puppy's system, this could leave the puppy in a non protected state.  Recent advice from the real experts in this field and studies that have taken place, tell us that immunity level can drop at different times for different litters and within the same litter, there will be puppies who have immunity which lasts longer than others.

To combat this, the puppy vaccines are administered in two doses, to be sure, if the first shot did not protect your puppy, due to the maternal antibodies still present, then the 2nd jab surely will.  There is also conflicting advice as to whether the shots should be given at two, three or four week intervals

ie - At the age of 8 & 10 weeks or 10 & 12 weeks, 8 & 12 weeks, 10 & 14, 12 & 16 weeks and so on.

The best advice that seems to be out there at the moment is not to vaccinate before the age of 12 weeks and to give a series of shots 3-4 weeks apart up to the age of 16 weeks. Please read THIS recent article, written by Dr Jean Dodds, a leading authority on this subject.  

There is a further train of thought that suggests we should be giving just the one shot, at around 16 weeks of age and then another when the puppy is 6 months, then that's it ! No annual boosters, your puppy is 100 % protected.  

The reasoning behind my choices not to annually boost.......

Vaccination, immunisation, call it what you will - the clues are in words themselves.....'to vaccinate' 'to immunise'

 To be clear....the purpose of a vaccination is to render the reciever 'immune' to the particular virus which the vaccine is covering, in the case of puppy shots, a cocktail of vaccines are all given at the same time, leaving that puppy 'protected' ( I put the word 'protected' in inverted commas as there are very good arguements as to why our puppies should not even recieve the basic puppy jabs, but links further down the page will be provided to take you to the scientific reasoning behind this)   

So then if we have vaccinated our puppy and he is now protected from these nasty illnesses, why would we need to vaccinate again 12 months later ? ........ Is he not already protected ?........ Does he not already have complete immunity ?........ Wasn't that the point of having him innoculated in the first place ?........And who decided he should be boosted every 12 months ? .......What is the scientific reasoning behind this ?  ....... Well then answers are as follows......... and these are not my opinions, they are FACTS

We DON'T need to indescrimenately vaccinate yearly and the body who decided it was a yearly nessecity,  was not any veterinary body, it was in fact the drug companies who make the vaccines !!

Before I go any further as I know some of you will have already started to question if this can be correct...read this and don't forget to ask your vet next time he tries to push an annual booster on you, if he has a copy of the below literature/letter, if he doesn't, feel free to copy and paste it for him, the information on this page I am more than happy to share, right click enabled !! Discuss the content below with him and ask lots of questions !!

This has been taken from  newsletter members of the Canine Health Concern recieve and you can learn more about CHC by going HERE or about becoming a member by going HERE )

Things are just getting better and better !  CHC(c)

Editorial by Catherine O'Driscoll, CHC Update, March 2004

In this issue we feature a wonderful public letter which apperared in the 'Veterinary Times' UK during January 2004. It represents a huge developement in the battle to stop unnecessary vaccine-induced death and disease in our beloved animals. 

The letter is signed by 31 vets, calling for an end to annual vaccination. Yes ! 

The letter is a significant step forward, something I feel we need to consolidate upon. I believe that the CHCand it's members now have the right to state the simple fact that we were right when we started the campaign 10 years ago, the consumers spoke and now the slowly grinding wheel of 'science' is beginning to respond. (Chris Day, one of the letter's signatories was the first person to tell me about the potential fatal consequences of vaccines and several of the signatories have supported CHC over the years. Respect.)

We at CHC and our members, have worked our little socks off to force change through over the years.  We became the voice of the people when the veterinary profession and the veterinary vaccine industry let our pets down.  And although we've been shown to win a battle, the war isn't over yet.

It would be nice to think, that now the truth is out, vets will immediately stop annual vaccination.  It would be nice to think that boarding kennels will stop demanding annual jabs, and that dog training and agility classes will no longer need to see annual vaccination certificates.  It would be a real bonus if the veterinary vaccine industry denounced annual shots.  But I believe one fianl push from 'the customers' - we dog lovers - is needed.

I believe that poilitical and financial measures like 3 yearly jabs which are just as unscientific and harmful as yearly jabs, will still be slipped in to maintain income levels or pacify financial objections.  How many years will this go on for without pressure from animal lovers ? some vets are even splitting vaccine components and spreading them out with yearly shots : distemper one year, parvo another year, and so on. Yet every vaccine still comes with serum and other additives and every vaccine comes with the risk of an adverse reaction - so what do these vets think they're achieving ?

No - We need to work harder, not sit back and assume the war is won.

The aforementioned significant letter in Veterinary Times comes relatively hot on the heels of announcements by the 27 veterinary teaching colleges in America during 2003, saying that annual vaccination is neither necessary nor safe.

So here is the crucial letter - Veterinary Times, Vol 34, No 2, 26-1-04  Please feel free to copy and distribute ! We have included references so that even your vets will be satisfied. (references to be typed up yet, will appear soon) 


 ( I have highlighted areas of the letter which will leave pet owners in no doubt what to do about annual vaccination) 

Dear Editor,

We, the undersigned, would like to bring to your attention our concerns in the light of recent new evidence regarding vaccination protocol.

The american Veterinary Medical Association Committee report this year states that ' the one year revaccination recommendation frequently found on many vaccination lables is based on historical president, not scientific data'

In JAVMA in 19951, Smith notes that ' there is evidence that some vaccines provide immunity beyond one year.  In fact according to research there is no proof that many of the yearly vaccinations are necessary and that protection in many instances may be life long. Also ' Vaccination is a potent medical procedure with both benefits and risks for the patient'; further that, 'Revaccination of patients with sufficient immunity does not add measurably to their disease resistance and my increase their risk of adverse post-vaccination events.'    

Finally he states that 'Adverse events may be associated with the antigen adjuvant, carrier, preservative or combination thereof.  Possible adverse events include failure to immunise, anaphylaxis, immunosuppression, autoimmune disorders, transient infections and/or long-term infected carrier states.' 

The report of the American Animal Hospital Association Canine Vaccine Taskforce in JAAHA (39 March/April 2003) is also interesting reading.

'Current knowledge supports the statement that no vaccine is always safe, no vaccine is always protective and no vaccine is always indicated'; 'Misuderstanding, misinformation and the conservative nature of our profession have largely slowed adoption of protocols, advocating decreased frequency of vaccination'; ' Immunilogical memory provides durations of immunity for core infectious diseases that far exceed the traditional recommendations for annual vaccination.  This is supported by a growing body of veterinary information as well as well - developed epidemiological vigilance in human medicine that indicates immunity induced by vaccination is extremely long lasting and in most cases, lifelong.

Further, the evidence shows that the duration of immunity for rabies vaccine, canine distemper vaccine, canine parvo vaccine, feline panleukopaenia, feline rhinotracheitis and feline calicivurus have all been demonstrated to be a minimum of seven years, by serology for for rabies and challenge studies for all others. 

The veterinary surgeons below fully accept that no single achievement has had greater impact on their lives and well-being of our patients,  our clients and our ability to prevent infectious diseases than the developements in annual vaccines. We, however, fully support the recommendations and guidelines of the American Animal Hospitals Association Taskforce, to reduce vaccine protocols for dogs and cats such that booster vaccinations are only given every three years, and only for core vaccines unless otherwise scientifically justified.

We further suggest that the evidence currently available will soon lead to the following facts being accepted.

* The immune systems of dogs and cats fully mature at 6 months and any modified live virus (MLV) vaccine given after that age produces immunity that is good for the life of that pet.

* If another MLV vaccine is given a year later, the antibodies from the first vaccine will neutralise the antigens from the subsequent, so there is little or no effect, the pet is not 'boosted', nor are there more memory cells induced.

* Not only are annual boosters for canine parvovirus and distemper unecessary, they subject the pet to potential risks of allergic reactions and immune-mediated haemolytic aneamia.

*There is no scientific documentation to back up label claims for annual administration of MLV vaccines.

*Puppies and kittens should NOT be vaccinated at less than eight weeks.  Maternal immunity will neutralise the vaccine protection and little protection will bee produced.

*Vaccination at 6 weeks will, however DELAY the timing of the first effective vaccine.

*Vaccines given two weeks apart SUPRESS rather than stimulate the immune system.

This would give possible new guidelines as follows :-

1. A series of vaccinations is given, starting at 8 weeks ( or preferably leter) and given three to four weeks apart, up to 16 weeks of age.

2. One further booster is given sometimes after 6 months of age and will then provide lifelong immunity.

In light of data now available showing the needless use and potential harm of annual vaccination, we call on our profession to cease the policy of annual vaccination.

Can we wonder that clients are losing faith in vaccination and researching the issues themselves ? We think they are right to do so.  Politics, tradition or the economic well being of veterinary surgeons and pharmaceutical companies should not be a factor in making medical decisions.

It is accepted that the annual examination of a pet is advisable.  We under value ourselves, however, if we hang this essential service on the back of vaccination we will ultimately suffer the consequences.  Do we need to wait until we see actions against vets such as those launched in Texas by Dr Robert Rodgers ?  He asserts that the present practice of marketing vaccinations for companion animals constitutes fraud by misrepresentation, fraud by silence and theft by deception. 

The oath we take as newly qualified veterinary surgeons is 'to help, or at least do no harm'  We wish to maintain our position within society and be deserving of the trust placed in us as a profession.  It is therefore our contention that those who continue to give annual vaccinations in the light of the new evidence may well be acting contrary to the welfare of the animals committed to their care

Yours faithfully

Richard Allport BVetMed, MRCVS  

Sue Armstrong MA, BVetMed, MRCVS

Mark Carpenter MA, BVetMed, MRCVS

Sarah Fox-Chapman MS, DVM, MRCVS

Nichola Cornish BVetMed, MRCVS

Tim Couzens BVetMed, MRCVS

Chris Day MA, VetMB, MRCVS

Clair Davis BVSc, MRCVS

Mark Elliot BVSc

Peter Gregory  BVSc, MRCVS

Lise Hansen DVM, MRCVS

John Hoare BVSc, MRCVS 

Graham Hines BVSc, MRCVS

Megan Kearney BVSc, MRCVS

Michelle L'oste Brown BVetMed, MRCVS

Suzi McIntyre BVSc, MRCVS

Siobhan Menzies BVM&S, MRCVS

Nazrene Moosa BVSc, MRCVS

Mike Nolan BVSc, MRCVS

Ilse Pedler MA, VetMB, BSc, MRCVS

John Saxton BVetMed, MRCVS

Cheryl Sears MVB, MRCVS

Jane Seymour BVSc, MRCVS

Christine Sheilds BVSc, MRCVS

Suzannah Stacey BVSc, MRCVS

Phillip Stimpson MA, VetMB, MRCVS

Nick Thompson BSc, BVM&S, MRCVS

Lyn Thompson BVSc, MRCVS

Wendy Vere VetMB, MA, MRCVS

Anuska Viljoen BVSc, MRCVS

Wendy Vink BVSc, MRCVS 


So..... The burning question....Can you see your vets name up there ?  No ?......I can't see mine either !  I have two vets we use for different purposes, I asked them both about this, the very clear advice that I recieved from one is that they do not recommend annual boosters, a set of puppy shots and then titer testing from that point, beginning 12 months later. 

So how are you feeling about your vet now then ?  Do you still trust what he is telling you ? Would you like to know more about revaccination and the very real damage it can do ? ......Good  Because so do I ! I would like to learn as much as possible on the subject, so I can put my future puppy owners in an informed postion and as a breeder, give them the best possible advice that I can.

It's a subject that has interested me for a number of years, but lately, it's becoming a real niggle because I very strongly object to my puppy owners being made to feel like they are not responsible and they are not acting in the best interests of their dog if they do not agree to annually boost, I have a very small voice in a very big place, but I don't mind shouting my head off, if it makes a difference.  I also take exception at some Vets reaction when my puppy owners share my views of feeding methods and boosting with their vet, I am dismissed by them, as if I am the worse dog breeder in the world, I'm certainly not the best, or the most knowledgable, but I am somebody who cares very passionately about what we put out there and it's future health and revaccination and commercial food serve one purpose and one purpose only, they make our vets very rich, they certainly don't do our beloved dogs one ounce of good !  And in many, heartbreaking cases they can cause very serious illnesses, which can and do lead to death.

The simple truth.......We just DON'T know which dogs will react to boosters and which won't, until it has happened and by that time it may be too late and you may have to cope with really unpleasant and heartbreaking situations like


So how did this situation happen ? 

I am unfortuantely not a vet, so I can't hit you with all the medical jargon (Indeed on this subject - how would your vet fair ?) nor would I want to, my aim is to explain in a way that I relate to and I hope you will also relate to.

Many years ago we had serious infectious diseases, which spread and killed many pets, the introduction of the canine vaccine was a complete miracle, suddenly we could protect our pets, and this we duly did, the situation remained stable for a long time, then in the 1970s, the companies who make the vaccines approached the veterinary industry when THEY, the manufacturers, without any kind of proof or medical testing or indeed any kind of scientific data to back up their request/claim, decided that it would be a good idea to annually vaccinate our companion pets.

Unbelievably, without medical evidence to back it up, the veterinary industry went along with this, local councils went along with it, boarding kennels were told they had to accept only the animals who had up-to-date vaccination boosters, it wasn't law, but it somehow became unwritten law. Pretty soon everyone lucky enough to take an annual holiday who owned a pet, was suddenly boosting them, and of those who weren't going on holiday, many still went along for the annual boosters as their vet made them feel like they must. 

Vets went along with this because at that time, they didn't know any better, I sound so arrogant saying that don't I ? Like I would know better than a vet...but it's FACT ( For any of you interested in one of the vets who became very aware of what was going on, please go to Canine Health Concerns and think about ordering the DVD called On The Edge (DVD) it's a very informative DVD, in which Dr Patricia Jordan and Catherine O'Driscoll provide some very thought provocking conversation) (Here is also a link to a place which you can see more of Dr Jordan's talks and a link to her own website 'Mark of the beast'  they did all go along with it and many, many, many of them still are.  Is this because they are young and since they qualified, this is the way things have been done ?.... or is your vet of an age to remember when the situation was stable, with just the puppy vaccination initial shots being given, but now under this new regeme, enjoys the financial benefits of annually vaccinating and chooses to ignore the scientific evidence that actually this is really not a good idea for our pets, because he sees a very lucrative and profitable situation and exploits it to the full, that may sound very cynical on my part, but those of you who have read my book 'The Dog's Dinner' or have visited my raw feeding website, know how strong my views are about vets who will not accept a RAW method of feeding and ridicule those of us who feed in this way.  I see both failures to our pets working hand in hand, for the vets financial security, a very secure and guaranteed way to store up future customers.  

I cannot see any good reason why a vet would continue to advocate annual boosting in light of the recommendations made by extremely respected bodies in other countries, such as America and Austrailia, it gauls me that we, who are supposed to be a nation of dog lovers are falling behind in the 'official correct advice' some vets choose to give their customers.

That is for you to judge, but please never again be bullied into taking your dog in for a booster, because you have been pressured in anyway by your vet to do this, do not be bullied into possibly causing very real suffering to your pet, when actually, all you want to be is a good owner..... to be a good owner you have to think....... to be a great owner you have to question........Do not just blindly accept what you are being told, would you keep subjecting you child to potentially harmful vaccines, year after year, after what we all know they can cause ? For many parents it's a real struggle as to whether they should be getting their kids childhood immunisations at all, never mind the idea of going back over and over.

It's no different for your dog, every time you subject him to another annual booster, you are increasing the risk of totally destroying his immune system, sounds crazy doesn't it, something which is intended to provide immunity actually can completely devastate and leave your dog's immune system so vulnerable, he can go on to develope conditions far more serious than the virus you were trying to protect him from......The vaccine you just 'boosted' him with contains 'antigens' the forgoer to antibodies...And here's the crucial piece of information you need to know ......antibodies from the first vaccine could neutralise the antigens from the subsequent, so you just wasted between £30 & £40 and if your dog is one of the unlucky ones, whose sytstem is already compromised from a poor diet (commercial - the very type your vet will recommend) watch out...because that booster, which just cost you less than £50 is about to cost you a heap more. 

This flyer, written by Ann Ridyard was posted on Facebook.........

Please note, this flyer is not intended to replace veterinary advice, it is merely here to make you QUESTION it !!

It had the most tremendous impact and recieved over 1500 shares from users living in the UK and other countries in less than four days

It attracted the attention of a radio station and a correspondant for the local newspaper.

I put that piece of information together, as I thought it would get people to think and question, it certainly did that

But this is not 'new news' and I am certainly not the person who discovered all this - this information has been available for a long time to anybody interested enough in annual vaccination to find out for themselves.

Bold claims indeed........But really are they so bold?

For the benefit of owners struggling with the decision to annually boost or not, I thought a breakdown on the flyer and its claims, with suitable links provided, so you could check all this out for yourself would be very helpful to you.

''Did you know that is it no longer recommended to annually vaccinate''

Has your vet ever told you this?

This is where a lot of confusion lies as some of the veterinary governing bodies around the world do not fall in line with with current advice given out by the top of the chain - The World Small Animal Veterinary Association - WSAVA

In 2007, they laid down recomendations which do not include the idiscriminate annual vaccination of your pet, instead, they recommend vaccination should not be any more than 3 yearly.

Some countries adopted the recommendations immediately, unfortunately the UK wasn't one of them.

What also added to the confusion is that certain vaccines, when licensed included a data sheet that was current for the product at the time of licensing - this may now not correspond to current scientific recommendations.

Your vet may think he will get sued if your dog becomes ill, as a result of him giving you differing advice to what may actually be printed on the data sheet of the particular vaccine he is using at the time. Vets are afterall supposed to follow the instructions on the packet of any drug which they are using !!

But they do have a 'get out' clause if this is ideed the case

This is taken straight from the WSAVA guidelines.......

'' Veterinarians should feel comfortable about vaccinating according to the schedules given in these guidelines but should cross-reference these with local recommendations where available. Where the VGG recommendations differ from current legal requirements, the practitioner need only obtain informed client consent to provide that client, and the animal, with a current evidence-based vaccination schedule''.

So, if your vet hasn't told you for 'legal reasons' this is not a reason at all


The cynical side is poking a sharp finger at me.......Maybe when some vets choose the vaccinations they use - they deliberately go for the ones with outdated recommendations on - so that they can still 'legitimately' encourage annual vaccination and all that extra revenue it brings.......NO!! don't be silly A vet surely wouldn't chose the vaccinations he uses based on this??

I am not a vet, so not privvy to that particular data sheet in that particular vaccine, but you could always ask him ?


''Did you know that this could potentially kill him?''

Has your vet ever told you this?

Vaccine reactions can and do happen - unfortunately many of them go un-reported as they are not recognised as a vaccine damage. These can range from the very minor, such as ear condition, skin problems - to the quite major like immune disorders and cancers.

If you are in any doubt that this is the case, then your vet may not be the best person to tell you about this as stated - so many are not recognised.

Please view this clip from youtube, but be warned it is a tear jerker - real pets - real lives - ruined by vaccine damage - something the did not need to have..........

The dark side of pet vaccination

For a list of all the conditions or disorders and damage over vaccination can induce, please check out this page from The Pet Welfare Alliance site.


This all mostly explains the next statement on the flyer too

''Did you know that annual vaccines can cause all sorts of reactions''

Has your vet ever told you this?

Just to expand on that flyer a little though, there is another major issue when vaccinating pets - or over vaccinating them. Your puppy should be 100% healthy at the time of vaccination and so should your dog when he recieves his annual booster - if you still chose to have this done.

Further more if your dog or puppy is not fit and well at the time of innoculation, this could have a huge impact on your dog's health. The 'instructions on the packet' state that dogs who are not healthy - should not be vaccinated - Has your vet ever told you that????

Vaccines are intended for use in healthy animals only. Sick dogs are at increased risk of drug reaction, including anaphylactic shock and death.

Think back - has your dog ever been boosted when sick?

Moving on.....

''Did you know that any vet who pushes unnecessary annual vaccines on your pet is breaking his oath?''

Is your particular vet educated enough to know this?

This statement seems to have wound a few people up and I cannot understand why - maybe you can?

Every vets swears a solomn oath when entering the profession......

''I PROMISE above all that I will pursue the work of my profession with uprightness of conduct and that my constant endeavour will be to ensure the welfare of the animals committed to my care.''

Now I am very sorry if this offends some people - but if your vet is recommending and actively encouraging a practise which is no longer recommended, and could be detrimental to a pet's health - how does that leave you feeling? Because it seriously offends me when I walk into a vets who is still pushing them and in many cases offering them as part of a 'health' package - the mind boggles, it really does

If they don't know that annual vaccination is no longer recommended ..WHY??? don't they know???

Many other vets are onto this and follow current guidelines - which type do you have

The Pet Welfare Alliance has recognised that pet owners need help in 'educating' their vets about vaccines. Their campaign to end over-vaccination is recieving a lot of attention, but also needs your support.

They will help you to send a letter to your vet, boarding kennels or training club - advising them of current recommendations - if you have a vet that is stuck in the mud, get in contact with them and let them help you and your vet.


Lastly..... I would like to point out that I am not 'anti vet' I just don't agree with the current state of affairs in this country, regarding the practise of annual vaccination and what any individual vet can recommend and how that can differ from anothers recommendation.

Some chose to follow current guidelines - some do not - it really is as simple as that, but it's no wonder owners are confused and upset and don't know what to do for the best........I just simply wanted to point out that 'more shots' are not such a good idea and to put YOU the owner in a position where you can decide for yourself.


The World Small Animal Veterinary Association - WSAVA guidelines on vaccination.


On a more personal note - My family have not annually boosted their dogs for over 27 years now and are very happy with this choice - our dogs rarely get sick, but if ever they do, we will know that this has not been caused by something they did not need to recieve - an annual booster!

Can you honestly say the same - if you continue to annually boost?



So what could potentially happen to your dog after his annual booster ? 

A whole host of illnesses, ranging from minor to extremely major........

Some basic figures..............80% of all illnesses treated at his veterinary surgery are contracted within 3 months of having an annual booster, this conclusion was reached by vet Richard Allport, at the Natural Medical Centre, based on his own studies, he noted that when you knew the start date of an illness, 80% of them could be traced back to within three months of booster vaccinations, that leaves a mere 20% pure chance.

These illnesses, as stated, can range from the very minor ( I often get phonecalls from puppy owners, within a day/s of them going for their puppy's first shots, to say that they have diarrhoea/sickness/lethargy, I KNOW this is a vaccine reaction, I ask them to stay in very close contact with me and to feed puppy nothing but chicken (RAW of course) and to please NOT take them back to the vets, unless the symptoms get worse, I KNOW exactly what ALL vets ( apart from hemeopathic - they would recognise it immediately) will say when presented with a puppy like this, they ALWAYS blame the diet before the vaccine and before the puppy owner knows what's happening, the vet has their puppy on 'Hills prescription' or whatever brand he happens to be getting a wedge of cash for promoting, the puppy owner comes out confused, annoyed but mostly, utterley discouraged about feeding RAW, I then have to spend the next few days convincing them, ALL OVER AGAIN !! )

So then.....Sickness/diarrhoea/lethargy....What else ??

Well most of the more serious conditions your dog could develope as a result of vaccination,are usually caused by an allergic reaction to that vaccine and here is where the journey can get really nasty for your beloved dog, you have hit his system with a cocktail of drugs that he really didn't need, these drugs are now working against his system..... not for it ( Don't forget, he ALREADY has immunity to what you are vaccinating him for )  and can render his own immune system on overdrive, until it can be seriously compromised and very often permanently damaged.

So...........An allergic reaction...doesn't sound too bad eh ? Take a piriton, all should be well........unfortunately it's just not that simple, as allergic ( IE  inflammatory - any condition with the suffix 'itis' is an inflammatory condition )  reactions can cause chain reactions and even the most basic reaction can go on to lead to :-

* Encephalitis ( Inflamation of the brain )

* Epilepsy ( A symptom of encephalitis )

* Inflammatory skin conditions

*Inflammation in any bodidly system, such as the digestive system, the endocrine system, and so on.

* Arthritis, diabetes, pancreatitis, hepatitis etc

* allergies such as pollen allergies, food allergies and so on.

If you click on this short video, this will really bring the reality of the situation home to you....................


WOW.......Let's look at that list a little closer and pick out several conditions which are specifically linked to the German Shepherd, as a HEREDITORY condition................. who is is to say that actually the condition your GSD has developed is nothing to do with genetics...but as a result of YOUR VET/YOU revaccinating ?

Firstly we will deal with inflammation of the endocrine system, one condition of this widely recognised in GSDs as EPI ( Endocrine pancreas insufficiency ) and mostly blamed as a hereditory illness, nothing will ever convince me that the GSD is naturally prone to stomach problems, I also think that if they are experiencing problems, that it is far more likely to be an environmental cause, rather than hereditory.

.......Evironmental......This can be caused by a 'multitude of sins' ranging from inappropriate diet to the revaccination of your pet, and in my honest opinion BOTH sins mentioned (especially if your pet has to endure a commercial diet AS WELL as being re-boosted)  are probably the greatest cause of these illnesses which are deemed to be hereditory.....Remeber 80% of illnesses are seen 3 months after a vaccine, if your dog has been diagnosed with EPI, Epilepsy or Hip Dysplasia, do not discount the very real possibility that this condition has been brought on by the use of annual vaccine and has been propelled by the fact that your dog's immune system is already compromised, as if you are feeding him commercially (commercial foods will compromise, rather than support a dog's immune system, if you dog is RAW fed, he will stand a lot better chance of fending off ilness as his immune and digestive systems are COMPLETELY supported by a RAW/natural diet) he stands little or no chance of overcoming what is happening to his system.

Epilepsy......A very HUGE factor with German shepherds at the moment....But epilepsy is a direct result/symptom of encephalitis, the number one on our list up there, encephalitis can then lead to a whole host of other very serious condition all of which can kill your dog, ALL of which are extremely expensive to maintain....Please think very carefully before subjecting one of my puppies or any dog to one of these completely deadly and utterley needless boosters.

Again....Being the cynical soul that I am, I can't help but to wonder......How many of you have gone through all the costly tests, encouraged by your vet, did you ever consider that it could be your annual booster ? And that actually the only person/s responsible is you in your ignorance, or your vet in possession of full facts......But will those facts ever be shared with you the dog owner.....NO !!!


This is something your vet is unlikely to share with you in regard to annual boosters, it's highly unlikely that he will admit that the possible cause of your dog's illness is the very vaccination that he encouraged you to have done in the first place.......Even if you are lucky enough for your vet to tell you of his suspicions, the next move would be for your vet to report his findings to the vaccine/drug company and OF COURSE they are going to tell him that NO.........it can't possibly be as a result of the vaccine as no other cases have been reported......This is UTTER clap trap !! As FACT......NO long term studies have ever been conducted by the manufacturers to back up their 'Wishfull thinking beliefs' And NO records are kept, at least non they are willing to share with anybody...................

In conclusion

I really hope that all this information will make you think about your next move when it comes to revaccinating your dog, I hope you will take the time to investigate this matter further, I know I certainly will be, and any further information I find will be shared on here, in the meantime, I hope anybody reading this page, who would like to share their experiences, uses the blog provided HERE

UPDATED IMPORTANT INFORMATION 29 June 2010, tonight I recieved an email from Catherine ODriscoll (Canine Health Concerns) I would like to share this information as she has invited me to do, I would like to urge you to share the information, even if it's just sending it to your 'Auntie Flo' who has Roly the poodle, just send it to somebody and lets all help get the message out there...Please (())

Dear All, 

This is an alert to a major campaign that starts today.  A 369-page document has gone today to the British Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD).  There is also a 10-page summary for those of you who need to see quickly what it’s about.  We are asking the VMD to get out of bed with the pharmaceutical industry.  This is a government department and we are seeking to raise a political storm and expose the cosy ties between government and industry, which is keeping over-vaccination of our animals in place.   

The website for this campaign is shown below.  We are calling for everyone to act now.  Hopefully this is sufficiently controversial to force change in the UK.  Even if you are overseas, you can help by writing to the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer.  If you’re in the UK, you can write to your MP.  All the templates are on the web site.  

Please help the animals now.  Please also cross-post this message to every animal lover in your address book, and put it up on your web sites.  If you are on a dog-loving list, please also post details there.   

The report, by the way, could have been a book, but we have put it up in full on our website for free.  It explains why we need to stop over-vaccinating now, and it explains why we don’t stop.   

With love


Stop the Shots – Now



We are told to vaccinate our dogs and cats every year. This is not necessary, but it can be harmful. 

After years of writing to the British government and the government's licensing authority (the Veterinary Medicines Directorate), Canine Health Concern and over 100 vets/pet owners called for the withdrawal of one-year dog and cat vaccines. Annual shots are unnecessary, and they are causing harm. 

Who says so? 

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Australian Veterinary Association, and the American Animal Hospital Association have all announced that once dogs and cats are immune to viral disease, they are immune for years or life. Repeated vaccinations provide no more immunity. 

They will not follow the known science. 

The VMD is refusing to change UK policy and simply responded with a 'position statement' that upheld the status quo. The Veterinary Medicines Directorate is conflicted. It cannot protect the animals while it puts the profit requirements of the pharmaceutical industry first. Meanwhile, innocent animals continue to suffer and die. 

We are calling for every animal lover across the world to tell the UK government that this is not acceptable, and to demand that theVMD takes immediate action to withdraw licences for one-year vaccines. 

A document with all the scientific research to substantiate our claim has been sent to Veterinary Medicines Directorate. To read this and see for yourself, go to www.petvaccine.weebly.com.  This is, in effect, a free book.  It tells you the risks associated with vaccinating your pets, and it tells you why governments might want you to take those risks.   


 If you live in the UK, download/print a pre-formatted letter to send to your MP (details of who your MP is also on this link) – if you haven’t got internet access, then get a friend to do it for you. 

 If you live outside the UK, write to the British Chief Veterinary Officer and/or the Foreign Office.  See http://petvaccine.weebly.com for links and letter templates.

  Tell your friends, family and colleagues – spread the word - please cross-post and/or forward this e-bulletin.

  Go to: http://petvaccine.weebly.com for a quick and easy way to earn a big THANK YOU from the dogs. 

 Go to: http://petvaccine.weebly.com for details, including full information on Canine Health Concern and why this campaign is necessary, together with all the scientific research. 

Canine Health Concern. PO Box 7533, Perth PH2 1AD


Email: mhtml:%7B9FC76EA7-DDB6-4BAE-BE52-EF5BA7344276%7Dmid://00000906/%21x-usc:mailto:[email protected] , mhtml:%7B9FC76EA7-DDB6-4BAE-BE52-EF5BA7344276%7Dmid://00000906/%21x-usc:mailto:[email protected]

Telephone: 01821 670410



My very great thanks to Catherine O'Driscoll and indeed all the Vets/people who have worked tirelessly to put us, the dog owners in a more informed position about our pets future health and well being, you are an inspiration to all of us x




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