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      Testimonials from Krisannrio puppy owners

Here you will find any testimonials we recieve from our puppy owners, unlike many testimonials you may read on other sites, these are all genuine.  I would be more than happy to provide you of proof of this, should you want it.  For those of you who already own a Krisannrio puppy, you know they are real and most of you, who are on our Facebook group now know each other, the people who wrote these testimonials.

If you have a Krisannrio puppy and have slipped the net, we would really like to hear from you and if you have a testimonial you would like adding to this page, please email it to us.

You can see more of all the dogs featured here in their album on the Puppy Owners Gallery 

                          Nero - owned by Jan Harrison

a6.jpg picture by website_04 

Jan said......Here is my beautiful baby, Nero at eleven months old. I have waited a long time for him as I had to get my husband Jeff to agree with it and now he loves him so much, he wants another one. I have been taking my other dog Simmy who is a Westie to Chris to be clipped and pampered for quite a few years and always admired the way he and Ann looked after their dogs and what a wonderful temperament they all had, so I knew when I got a puppy it would come from them.Nero is an all black and a very stunning looking boy,with a lovely gentle temperament.
When I got him at 7 weeks, Ann had already started the toilet training, so he was house trained very quickly, also I had never raw fed before and was a bit unsure but with all the help and advice from Ann and Chris I soon got the hang of it, and he is doing so well and really enjoys his food. I am even going to try and get my Westie on to it who is eleven, as she has started trying to pinch his meat and it has so many advantages health wise which I realized after reading Ann's book which I constantly keep looking things up in.
So thank you Ann and Chris, for my beautiful boy and all the help and support you have given since I got him, you have been such a Godsend with all your advice. I know I only have to phone you if I have any problems and you will try your best to help solve it.
Thanks again
Jan xx  Wirral

                    Raven - also owned by Jan Harrison

 I already had one puppy from Krisannrio, his name is Nero, but I decided one wasn't enough and am now the proud owner of Raven, Nero's half sister. They both have the most wonderful temperaments, I feel this is down to Ann as she is very careful when selecting partners for her dogs and the type of puppy they will produce.

She also takes great care rearing them. My dogs are healthy and happy and both fed a raw diet. Ann has become a very good friend and would bend over backwards to help if there was ever a problem, so thank you Ann & Chris for my two beautiful Sheps, who fit in so well with my family and other pets. They are adored by all of us, especially my Grandchildren who love to cuddle them.

With love, Jan Harrison xx Wirral

             Lady Zennah - owned by Tracie and Paul Keats


 We had been looking for a long coated Gsd for a couple of months when we came across Krisannrio. We knew from the first call made how professional and knowledgable Ann was and this helped us make our decision.  We brought Zennah home on 24th september 2011, when we collected her she was bathed and groomed and looked stunning.

The time, effort, dedication and support given to all new puppy owners and puppies is second to none. The raw diet is fantastic and again just shows the devotion given by Ann to give the pups the best in life. It may have seemed complicated to begin with as you have to think about what you are feeding rather than throwing dried kibble in a dish, but it makes perfect sense and we love the fact our baby gets so much variety that she absolutely enjoys. 

Ann is always on the end of the phone if you need her and makes you feel that no question is a stupid question. There is also the added benefit of being part of a bigger community with the Krisannrio group on facebook. This proves valuable for keeping in touch with other puppy owners, old and new, being able to run ideas or concerns past the group and then to be there for anyone who may need some help themselves. It's a place to share your piccies and your experiences and for us has helped enormously with little worries we have had.

Everyone is so friendly and supportive and something we have found helpful and enjoyable to access.  You don't collect a puppy from Krisannrio and get left to get on with it, you collect your puppy knowing you have so much support you will never have to struggle.

All that is left for me to say is thank you Ann so much for trusting us to have one of your stunning dogs and for bringing her into our lives.  she is loved unconditionally. Thank you for the continued support you give.

Tracie and Paul   

               Strider - owned by Ruth and Doug Provan


We are so happy with our puppy, Strider, from the lovely Laska, your help from the start was invaluable to us both regarding the puppy and the RAW feeding, which was new to us but is now second nature.
It is evident to anyone who knows you and your family how much hard work and dedication you put into your dogs and it shows in their fantastic nature and stunning looks.
We have learned so much from Ann and the more experienced owners on the facebook group and shared worries, concerns and happy times with the old and new owners alike.
It is an invaluable way of keeping in-touch, sharing information and ideas, and of course photos!
Once again thank you! Ruth and Doug

              Saxon - owned by Heather and Peter Mccrae


We had been thinking about getting a German Shepherd for over a year and after deciding it was definite, the search began.  We had both grown up with the breed, therefore we knew of their fantastic reputation as family dogs and that they have wonderful temperaments. We have three older children and also 2 cats so it was decided that it was probably best all round if we got a puppy.

We both knew of the importance of finding an excellent and reputable breeder and as we desired a longhaired dog we thought our search may prove long and extensive. However the saying "being in the right place at the right time" certainly proved true for us. We were added to the puppy list after chatting to Ann and we met our boy at 4 weeks old.  We reserved him immediately and so the countdown began.

We spent the next few weeks purchasing all the stuff he would need, plus some he didn't need but might like anyway! We also spent the time reading up on German Shepherd and puppy care in general and also read about this total new concept to us 'raw feeding'

We were told straight away that the pup was to be weaned on a natural diet and it never phased us at all. Once we had read the literature, both on the Krisannrio website and on the Internet, it was like somebody had switched a light on. After all our dogs and cats are carnivores so what could be better for them than feeding them a diet that they were born to eat?

What fantastic joy our boy has brought us in the few months since we brought him home. Not only is he strikingly handsome and totally clever, but he has a temperament second to none too.

Ann and Chris have became more than just 'the people we got Saxon off' from that very 1st telephone call.  Their support and encouragement has helped us in every aspect of our puppy rearing from feeding and grooming advice to behaviour and exercise advice. Not just that but they are always there even if you just want to share a funny story or to be a listening ear.
We were welcomed into the big Krisannrio family from the beginning and that's what it really feels like, family.

There is always someone from the Facebook group to chat to and offer advice almost any time of the day. And if you're stuck you only have to post a problem or question and you're likely to get so many answers or solutions that you'll have trouble just choosing 1.  It has also been great swapping stories and photos with likeminded people.

We firmly believe that everyone should experience owning and rearing a Krisannrio puppy, but in reality not everyone's that lucky!

Heather and Pete x 

                     Heidi - owned by Val and Allan Powell


I would like to say a massive thank you to Chris and Ann for bringing Heidi into our lives.  She has filled the space left by Sheeba our loved ten year old German Shepherd we lost last June.

Ann and Chris are wonderful kind breeders you dont often find.   We are so pleased with Heidi, she is so healthy and happy growing rapidly and a joy to have every day.

I think all these puppies look so well everyone of them blooming is down to all this raw feeding. 

I would say to anyone looking for a fantastic new puppy to look on the website and they will be so happy they did.

Many thanks again to you both Val and Allan Powell

                Glen owned by Sandra and Roger Furlong

 039-1.jpg picture by website_04
                                Glen is the darker dog on the left
We bought 2 GSD pups 3 years ago (not from Krisannrio) and when one of the brothers tragically died at 2 years old we, after we got over the worst of the  devastation we felt, decided to get another pup.  Jeanette Newton of Rockforce GSDs promised to find us a suitable puppy from one of the bitches who visited her lovely stud  boy Vadar.  We got a call from her saying she had mated him to a lovely bitch, Shanti from Krisannrio,  and Ann soon let us know that  Glen and his brothers and sisters had arrived.
Boy! And do we know he has arrived.    He came at 7 weeks and is the easiest pup  we have ever had to housetrain - he is great in the car, never been destructive and learns  very quickly.  Jake our 3year old GSD is his best friend and is very  patient with Glen. 
No he is not perfect -that would be boring - he keeps us very much on our toes as he is very determined and wants constant stimulation.  He finds basic training boring and likes nothing better than to search or to do some basic agility ( too young yet to do much).  However he has quickly learnt all his  basic commands and has recently passed his KC Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. We are sure he is going to keep us challenged for some time yet but he is certainly worth it. 
A great character and a lovely looking  dog. 
His next adventure is about to happen as we own a narrow boat and Jake and Glen will be coming out on it.  No doubt he will let every other passing boat know he is present as he doesn’t do quiet !  But with 2000 miles of towpath to investigate we are sure he will enjoy himself as he loves life.
So thanks go to Ann and Jeanette for producing such an unbelievable lad and it will be fascinating to see how he matures.
Roger and Linda Furlong  

                         Paxa - owned by Rupert Dastur


We spent a huge amount of time looking for the right puppy, wanting a well-bred, good looking pup with a pleasant temprament. We found the Krisannrio website and then we found Paxa; all our hopes were met! She is the most beautiful, friendly German Shepard one could hope for. She gets on well with our other two dogs (a labrador and a terrier) is gentle with the cats and a delight with small children. We travelled five hours to collect her, but it was more than worth it - she has become very much part of the family!

A few weeks ago Paxa progressed to the senior training class which she thoroughly enjoys, and we aim to take her to agility classes when she's a touch older. Keen to please and quick to learn, Paxa is a joy to take on walks and she loves swimming.

Put simply, I can't praise this dog enough - we love her to bits! Thank you so much Ann and Chris for all your help with raw feeding, training advice and, most of all, thank you for Paxa!

Rupert Dastur

                    Ozzie - owned by Abbie and Neil Hayes

We had been thinking of getting a GSD for a while and just by browsing the internet we are lucky enough to come arcoss the Krisannrio website. After a lenghty chat with Ann, we were confident a GSD was for us. 

Just by chance, Tayzee was due to have pups. Straight away we knew Ozzie was the one for us and we now couldn't imagine life with our little boy. He is a sweet natured, playful, super smart and loyal pup and that's partly down to excellent breeding.

This is our first dog and Ann's support and knowledge has made the whole journey so pleasurable and easy and we can't thank her enough for all the help and support.

 Abbie and Neil, proud parents of Ozzie Hayes 

                Pasha - owned by Charlotte and Karl Winton

Diego_5-25-07_017.jpg picture by magsmate
I would like to say a big thankyou for all the help,advice and support that you have given us since we first came down to visit our beloved puppy Pasha. Your website was fantastic and it was great to see our puppy growing week to week, from the pictures that you had taken and posted on your puppy page.
Thanks to you, our puppy is healthy, confident, happy and content and this is all down to you. The advice and support that you have given us was very much appreciated , and it is reassuring to know that you will always be there if needed for future advice.
Pasha is a much loved member of our family and has fitted in perfectly, she has brought laughter and enjoyment to our household and we couldn't imagine life without her. Pasha very much enjoys her RAW diet and enjoys nothing more than a chicken to chew on. 
I will never again feed any of my dogs on commercial dogfood, and again this is thanks to you, for opening our eyes to the damage that commercial foods can do. Thankyou again for everything, you are a fantastic breeder, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that wants a healthy well bred German Shepherd.

Yours sincerely, Charlotte and Karl Winton 

                      Chelsea - owned by June Jones



If you're looking for a breeder who is friendly, honest and genuine and who cares about the breed and the welfare of her dogs...If you're looking for a breeder you can contact when you need advice and reassurance and who will fill you with confidence....If you're looking for a healthy, happy, well socialised 'wow' pup - your search is over - you've found Ann & Chris.  I did and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and their dogs 100%

June Jones

        Samson - owned by Shirley and Norman Witherley


After loosing our last GSD after 12 years, we took a lot of time looking for the perfect puppy, then we found the Krisannrio website and saw the most gorgeous puppies from the gorgeous Tayzee and handsome Kody.

After a few conversations with Ann, we decided we had to have one and luckily there was one available. We travelled from South Shields to collect him and were absolutely delighted with him, he was the perfect puppy and he travelled back home no problem, nothing fazed him at all.

Ann has been great and I love the way she keeps in touch with everyone to find out how the puppies are settling in and getting on with their new mam and dad. It is reassuring to know she is always there if you need help. We adore Samson, he is gorgeous and funny and gives us lots of laughs and plenty of love.

We would definitely recommend a Krisannrio puppy to anyone.
Shirley and Norman Witherley

South Shields

                       Jip - owned by Tom and Alice Kelly

 jip004-1.jpg picture by magsmate

Alice said .....We just wanted to write to thank you for our wonderful pup Jip. He has fulfilled all our expectations and more.  After recently loosing our GSD 'Sasha' we said never again - that is until stumbling upon your website and seeing your dogs - Love at first sight ! On visiting you we were so impressed with his Mother's, Brother's and Sister's good health and contentment and any reservations we had about the RAW diet were soon laid to rest. 

Jip has quickly himself at home and is such a friendly and outgoing pup, which is a credit to the breed and very much the breeder. It is also very reassuring to us knowing that you are always available for us to contact, should we have any worries and also to share your knowledge particularly on the RAW feeding.  

Very many thanks once again.
Alice and Tom Kelly and of course Jip.

                         Ben owned by Peter Eglin


Peter said.....Since loosing my wife Christine to cancer my life was turned upside down. The nights were long and lonely until I was lucky enough to find the Krisannrio web site. I thought long and hard before deciding to share my life with a dog. Once I had made my mind up on looking for a long coat German Shepherd, I spent many days and nights looking for a good reliable breeder. Once I took a good look at the Krisannrio web site I knew this would be where my new friend would come from..... But wait.... Krisannrio fed their dogs on raw food. This was something new to me so I decided to look  elsewhere.

After giving a great deal of thought to 'Raw Feeding', I returned to your web site and read all your in depth information on the subject, it all started to make a lot of sense. It is the most natural method of feeding to ensure a dog is to be as fit and healthy as possible, giving him good quality food with no hidden additives. Ben is and has always been so fit, alert, healthy , fed on a natural diet of raw food.  Food that has not had all the goodness cooked out of it.
Thank you Ann and Chris, Ben is simply the best dog ever. He is intelligent, obedient, friendly and good with children. His temperament  is absolutely superb. He loves people and is very loyal to me. We had some great holidays together in a log cabin in the Yorkshire Dales and as long as we are together, he settles anywhere. He was house trained in 3 days, yes 3 days!  He has never begged at the table at meal times  and he loves going out in the car.

I will bring him to visit you sometime in the near future, until then, keep up the good work,

Love and Best regards, Peter and Ben.

                          Bonnie - owed by Ian Beattie


Ann said..... Thanks seems such a small word for the gratitude both Ian and myself feel since “Bonnie” came in to our life. It all started with me browsing on the web looking for a German Shepherd puppy for Ian as a surprise.

Thankfully I came across Krisannrio website, and that’s where my search ended. Your website gave me all the information I needed to know that this is where Ian’s puppy was to be found. Following the initial contact, I knew I was talking with a special person “Ann” who was a totally and utterly committed breeder of stunning German Shepherd Dogs.

In my choice of the puppy, Ann advised me all the way, when I saw “Razzle” now known as “Bonnie” for the first time I knew she was the one. I just could not keep this news to myself so I relented and told Ian my plan, which as I thought he was delighted with!  Arrangements were made to visit Ann & Chris to see our new puppy.  We were both so excited it was like getting ready for a visit from the Queen!  When we arrived the greeting from both Ann & Chris and their beautiful dogs was enough to know we felt at home.

Ian was handed “Bonnie” to hold and that was it there and then, they were a couple!!  I wasn’t jealous because, I was totally in love with her too. Time passed quickly till the day we brought “Bonnie” home, she was the perfect passenger in the car, no problems at all. Since that day “Bonnie” has only given us nothing but love and affection, which we find so easy to give back in return. The after care offered by Ann & Chris was invaluable. 

Ann’s book “The Dogs Dinner”, all about raw feeding is excellent and referred to on many occasions.

A Big Thank You Ann & Chris for allowing us to have “Bonnie” into our lives and to make us even more happier if that’s at all possible,  we wait for our second Krisannrio pup and we will have another addition to our happy family.

 Love and Best wishes Always,

Ann, Ian & Bonnie 

               Vadar Jnr - owned by Nick and Carolyn Lloyd

Nick said.....We would like to thank you for our new family member Vadar Jnr.
We spent many months looking for a gsd and never found the right combination of dogs,owners or breeders, until my wife stumbled on your website and was initially weary of RAW feeding.  But time and time again she kept looking at the site and reading more and more.  At that point you only had our little bundle of fun left and we decided that after a lengthy chat over the phone that your passion for the pups welfare was inspiring. 
When we came to see you.You made absolutely sure we knew what we were doing before we even saw the pups. The attitude from previous breeders we had visited was there are the pups - which one do you want? not good enough. 
But how could we go wrong with the amount of info that is on your site or should I say the encyclopedia and the time and effort that you put in to the info is an absolute credit to you. The main reason we decided to go for a puppy from you, was how healthy Shanti looked straight after she had had the pups, most look haggard but Shanti sparkled. 
We wondered why Vadar hadn't been already booked at 3 weeks, he was so stunning, but when we saw him at 4 weeks, we knew he'd been waiting for us.
As dog owners for many years we hadn't felt that connection with a dog before. I put this down to the amount of support that you gave and still give. 
I would also like to thank Jeannette (Vadar Snr's Mum) at RockforceGSDs for helping to bring our new son to us and for her support and willingness to help advise and recommend local suppliers and trainers. 
Once again many thanks to you both if all breeders were like yourselves, the world would be a much nicer place for our best friends.
Nick & Carolyn Lloyd

                      Ziggy - owned by Chris Mackay


Hi Ann and Chris,

Ziggy is sitting beside me as I type this, his head resting on the desk.......

I bought Ziggy from Krisannrio German Shepherds just over 12 months ago. He is a gorgeous boy, very large and very strong willed, he has always been raw fed and is weighing around 40 kilos at the moment. A completely raw diet was new to me, but I soon became confident with the method. Ziggy is very bright, which can prove to be a challenge sometimes, but he has a lovely personality and is very affectionate. He just loves people and this can be embarrasing on a walk, as he just wants to say hello to everyone !  It's great that he has such a friendly dispostion though, we never have to worry about aggression. 

Ann has given me a lot of help and support, which she continues to do, this sets her apart as a breeder and I often recommend Krisannrio to anybody wanting a healthy, happy dog.

Chris Mackay

                     Mika - now owned by Sarah Gordon



Mika didn't have the best start in her young life, and after 1 year, her previous owners decided to get rid of her ( no fault of the dog).

We had just lost our German Shepherd and were looking for another dog, when along came Mika. She did come with a few issues, but with the help of our local dog trainer, and the fantastic support from Ann, all be it at the end of the phone or by email, she has turned out to be a wonderful dog, who we would never give up on.

Even though I did not get Mika direct from Ann, she cares so much for her dogs and owners, that I actually feel that I did.

Sarah Gordon 

                     Sabre - owned by Dot Griffiths

 sabre002.jpg picture by magsmate
Dot said.....Hi Ann, I would just like to write a few words about our experience with you.  My Husband owned a GSD for 13 years before he was given sleep, we looked for another GSD and were very lucky to find your website when Shanti had her puppies.
We brought Sabre home and very sadly Eddie passed away 6 weeks later, I was very distraught, but Sabre kept me going, he has a wonderful temperament and loves everybody.
I would be truly lost without him, as he has been my salvation, you and Chris are wonderful people, who put their hearts and souls into breeding these delightful dogs and I would like to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me, Dot.

                   Kaiser - owned by Jill and Bill Price

Jill said.....We recieved Kaiser from Krisannrio when he was 7 weeks old and from the moment he arrived home with us he was so relaxed and has been so well behaved.  He is a gorgeous pup and his colours are amazing, the smallest pup of the litter and he has turned out to be a  real stunner.
Ann is wonderful and any worries we have ever had, we just pick up the phone and she has always been so helpful.
Kaiser is now huge and absolutely gorgeous, at a recent puppy party at Krisannrio, he had a great time.  His temperament is fantastic, we are really pleased we chose to RAW feed him as he thoroughly enjoys his food, we are delighted with Kaiser and would recommend Krisannrio to anybody wanting a lovely, well bred German Shepherd and great family pet, who is also awesome to look at.
Jill and Bill Price, Merseyside.

               Zeus - owned by Joy and Richard Haszeldine


We had been looking for quite a long time for another dog as we already had a short haired German Shepherd who was 10 years old.  We just happened to be browsing the internet and came across Krisannrio German Shepherds website.  We were intrigued so we took a look on the site and were immediately impressed at what we saw.  Some of the most beautiful long haired German Shepherds we had ever seen.

We visited Ann and Chris as we had made up our minds that one of their puppies was just what we were looking for.  We were very lucky with our timing as Tiffany had just had recently had a litter .  Chris and Ann were wonderful.  So very welcoming and had such a wealth of knowledge about the breed too.  What struck us most of all besides the wonderful puppies was their passion for German Shepherds.  Tremendous care and attention is put into each litter from the minute they are born.  Ann thoroughly enjoys getting updates from all those who have brought puppies from her both in emails, phonecalls and photos.
As for the raw feeding.  This was something completely new to us as we had always used commercial food for our dogs up to this point.  Ann explained this process to us in great detail so we knew exactly what we needed to do and Ann was always just a phone call away if we needed her.
We collected Zeus just as he was coming up to 8 weeks old.  A stunning puppy !!  The most important thing when buying a puppy is the aftercare from the breeder and this is where Ann and Chris stand out by a mile !!!!  
From the day we collected Zeus and brought him home right up to present day Ann has been there every step of the way through his puppy hood.  No matter how small and insignificant a question may have been Ann was and is there with professional advice at all times.  Zeus is now growing up into a very handsome dog with the most superb temperament.  He is such a character just like his mum Tiffany.
For anyone considering getting a puppy look no further than Krisannrio.  Ann and Chris are a great team who have a never ending enthusiasm for the German Shepherd and they strive to provide the very best support to new owners at all times.
A big thank you to Ann and Chris for giving us the opportunity to own such a fantastic dog as Zeus and we will be back for another that is for sure !!!!

Joy and Richard

                   Amber - owned by Mike and Jeni Hulme

We lost Tara our wonderful sable GSD just over a year ago, and decided to have a few months without a dog.  However, as the months passed we started to miss not having a four legged friend around the house.  We started to look at various GSD breeders, and then got lucky to hear about Krisannrio, Ann and her wonderful long coat GSDs.  
After paying her a visit, we knew that we had been lucky in finding a breeder who clearly not only has a great way of breeding her dogs, but more importantly to us, she was also insistent that her dogs went to good homes, who were going to give her pups a great life. We picked up Amber (daughter of Tiffany) in late March 2009.  She is a black and gold long coat, with loads of life and bounce, but also with a caring touch.  She's rapidly filled the hole in our lives since loosing our Tara, and it's great watching her experience all those new things in life.
Ann introduced us to the raw feeding process - it's so easy, cheap and is giving Amber a great start in life.  Our old GSD had suffered with dodgy stomachs for several years, and had been on the mega expensive Hills Presciption dog food - I just wish I'd known of the raw feed diet before now - it would have done her great, and saved us a packet!!  
It's also good to know that Ann is there to answer any queries, and give support as necessary.  It's also great that she maintains an interest in her pups.
So, would certainly recommend anyone looking seriously in finding a reputable GSD breeder to contact Ann - you will not be disappointed'
Best Regards, Jeni and Mike

             Khan - owned by Tony and Lorna Reynolds

My friend received a Krisannrio pup from Ann and called him Kaiser.....as soon as I seen him, I knew I had to have one.

A few months later we were lucky enough to visit Ann and have a look at a litter of pups from Tayzee and Kody, I fell in love with them all and gladly chose a pup (or my hubby did as I couldn't choose just one!) He named him KHAN.

Khan is an joy to have....he is playful & mischevious, with a fantastic temperament and is very bouncy. He follows my sons around everywhere and looks out for them when coming home from school. He is defo one of the family and enjoys a hug as much as me! I have found a great friend in Ann, If ever Im worried about anything, I know I can always call Ann for any advice no matter how small or silly!!!

Love, Lorna Reynolds, Wirral

            Hendrix - owned by Geoff and Caroline Evans

  Kingston20House20011.jpg picture by website_04

Here is Hendrix, now nine months old. We are really pleased that we found the Krissanrio website and feel lucky to have been able to take on such a lovely dog.
He is a loving, bundle of fun who loves to play play play! He is certainly keeping us busy spending one night per week at obedience classes; he passed his Bronze Good citizens award at 8 months and came second in his class for 'good manners in the forest'. One night he swims at the local dog pool and one night does low impact agility. He is a bright, intelligent dog who is always one step ahead of us (behaviorally and physically!)
He has a wonderful thick shiny coat and people often comment on how wonderful he looks. Perhaps this is down to the raw diet that he loves!
Thank you for such a lovely lovely dog and introducing us to raw feeding.
Love and best wishes
Caroline & Geoff 

       Lexie Loo - owned and loved by Karene Taylor

cc1-2.jpg picture by magsmate 

Karene said......It must have been my lucky day or fate that led me to the Krisannrio website.I have had German Shepherd dogs all my life, my present old boy being 11 years old, and had been thinking about having a puppy for some time. Although I had put my name down for a local pup in Cornwall, I had a few misgivings and was still searching the internet.

That was my lucky day! There she was on Krisannrio website, Lexie the new joy of my life and future friend and companion.
350 miles away but it did not matter as I was able to watch her progress on the daily diary. Speaking to Ann, I would like to think we clicked on our joint experience and outlook on GSD’s and I found Raw feeding a revelation but a very obvious choice for feeding. Everyone is now fed up with me going on about it, but several friends, with other breeds of dog, are trying it.
Well, she finally arrived after a long journey (is this your furthest progeny?), and I could not be happier. She is a beautiful looking dog, full of fun, very outgoing with lots of curiosity for learning. (I do think she is trying for Australia, though, digging holes in my garden!). Barney and Lexie are now great friends and I hope she will make his last years happy ones.
I cannot thank Ann and Chris enough for my beautiful Lexie, the help and encouragement with the raw feeding and always so pleasant when I ring up with lots of queries and mishaps! I would certainly recommend Krisannrio to anyone wanting a German Shepherd dog and hope one day to even have another!
Karene Taylor
Bodmin ,Cornwall

             Fraiser - owned by Sandra and James Kelly          

2010_0301fraiser0045.jpg picture by website_04

Hi Ann & Chris
It was back in September 2009 that we came across the Krisannrio website. We had been thinking for a while about getting a German Shepherd puppy as our old boy Oskar was 10 years old and we knew that he was not in the best of health. Nothing that we had seen before could compete with this amazing site and after seeing Shanti's puppies,  I immediately rang and expressed our interest in purchasing a puppy from the next planned litter.
When Tiffany gave birth in February 2010 a new chapter in our lives began and we brought our gorgeous little chappie home at the end of March. He settled in quickly and loved our old boy Oskar, but after 4 weeks we sadly lost Oskar and now Fraiser is the love of our lives and is helping to heal the heartache which Oskar left us with.
Fraiser is a very mischievous pup with bundles of energy and a joy to watch.He has a lovely temperament and loves everyone he meets and is so friendly to every dog that he sees. He is so big and strong and everybody passes comments on how stunning he is and asks where we got him from. 
He now attends dog training classes and is the star of the show. He learns very quickly and actually is a bit of a show off. The trainers love him.
We were a bit bothered at first about raw feeding as we had not done this before, but we needn''t have been.  We purchased Ann's book The Dog's Dinner and found it so easy to follow. We would never consider going back to processed dog food again after reading Ann's discoveries and how this food is full of harmfull additives, it has taught us things which we had never before thought about but which is 100% accurate.I have passed the book on to other people to convert to this raw feeding. 
To sum everything up both Jim and I would like to thank both Ann and Chris for all your help and advice which you gave to us before and after we picked Fraiser up and would most certainly recommend anyone wanting a German Shepherd to visit your wonderful website. You are lovely people who put your heart and souls into caring for these gorgeous puppies and we feel so priveleged to own one.  You have always been there to give us advice when needed and for this we are truly grateful.
We would love to visit you someday, but in the meantime will send you lots of pictures as our gorgeous boy grows.  

James and Sandra Kelly 

                      Obi - owned by Wendy Andrews

30099_404964654002_575499002_442903.jpg picture by website_04 

I have a female GSD called Jade and I decided to get another one for a companion for her so I asked my friend Jeanette Newton who owns Rockforce GSD Stud dogs. She told me that one of her males called Vadar (who is stunningly handsome!!) had just mated with a lovely bitch called Tiffany from Krisannrio and thought that one of their puppies would be an excellent choice.

I checked out their website which I thought was wonderful and saw the picture of the expectant mum Tiffany and fell in love with her, so the decision was easily made. I spoke to Ann who was very helpful and lovely and she kept me informed throughout the pregnancy and birth with photos when the puppies arrived.
Also on the website I read about Raw Feeding and I bought Ann's book which I thought was excellent and it convinced me to give it a try when I got my puppy. I went to meet Ann & Chris who were very welcoming and friendly and saw Tiffany who was beautiful and very laid back!. Then I had to choose my puppy which was very difficult as they were all stunning, but Obi chose me by giving me a lovely wet kiss, I was hooked!!
The day came to collect Obi and I brought him home to meet Jade and the rest of my family, he just settled in straight away and he and Jade have been inseparable since. I have kept him on the raw food diet and also changed Jade (who has hip dysplasia) onto it and she seems healthier and her coat is now in beautiful condition. Everyone who meets Obi falls in love with him as he is a stunningly handsome chap and is so friendly and loves attention.
Obi has a very loving nature and a fantastic character, he is very intelligent and quickly learns simple obedience and I will take him to advanced training when he gets older.

I would recommend Krisannrio to anyone who wants a GSD because not only are the puppies fantastic, the advice and support you get from their website and Ann personally is second to none, I have learned so much about the breed and also the best way of feeding to ensure they are happy and healthy.


Love Wendy Andrews & Family xx

                  Saskie - owned by Martin & Shelley Carter

 SaskieRowleyPark26100824.jpg picture by magsmate 
Shelley said..... I would like to send a great big thank you to Ann for allowing us bring home one of her beautiful puppies. I think it was fate that I stumbled across the Krisannrio site. I had been browsing puppy sales and Krisannrio was one of the first I looked at, and I fell in love straight away with two little girls. I wasn't intending having another puppy as I had only recently lost my girl. But I kept going back and looking at those two girls! In the end the pull was too much, and just a few weeks later Saskie came to live with us.
She is a pleasure to own, she is confident and loving with us and everybody she meets. I can thoroughly recommend Krisannrio German Shepherds to anyone looking for a pup.
The temperament of the dogs is fabulous, and the breeder is only a phone call or email away if you want to ask any questions, or have any worries and the advice on raw feeding is brilliant, so much so we have decided from now on all puppies coming into this house will go onto a raw diet... I love listening to Saskie crunch through those bones!!
Can I have another puppy Ann, lol!!
Shelley Carter

                  Bailey - owned by Ian and Lynn Tomlinson

 1aa-3.jpg picture by magsmate

What can I say about Krisannrio GSDs...Well first I would like to say a big thank you to Ann and Chris for all the help and advice that was so forthcoming regarding our puppy, Bailey.
It was great to be able to see his progress until the time we picked him up with photos posted on the website. The help and support is ongoing, it is very reassuring, knowing we can just pick up the phone if ever we need to.
Bailey is a total pleasure to own, he has a fantastic temperament and this is in no small way down to yourselves with his choice of parents.
He is healthy, happy and very outgoing, we would recommend Krisannrio GSDs to anybody who is looking for a quality shepherd.
Thank you both for a wonderful addition to our family,
Kindest regards, Ian and Lynn Tomlinson.

             Ava - owned by Peter and Annette Spooner


Ava, was a very happy pup from the start with us at 7 weeks and she had to mix in with our 2 older gsd bitches. Very confident and quick to learn, so much so, the dog club fast tracked her on to Bronze KC Good Citizen at 21 weeks !!  By the age of 9 months, she had also achieved Silver and Gold.

She has sufferd NO illness and has yet to meet the local vet at 7 months old. This is because she is protected by nosodes, which we administer ourselves and not vaccines. Her temperament is very friendly with all dogs and children. Ava loves to play with us, ball is a favorite, tunnels and ball pool too! She loves the water and is not afraid of the sea, loves sand and digging . Ava has had no real probs such as chewing and distuctive play ect. Ava loves all the raw food given to her with no waste. Her teeth are pure white and come through staight with no problems at all.

On walks off lead she is always up front, but quick to recall. Her coat is very glossy with no smell to it, with a great fluffy tail. Her paws are of a nice neat shape. The ears went up nice. with no sag or dropping, Ava is a vocal dog that lets you know just what is needed ie come play, train me!

She was crated for sleep and rest from the word go and sees her bed as the crate which she loves to sleep in! She went off in the caravan at 11 weeks and was not phased at all. Her new coat shows to be of a deep gold and black with lots of other bits showing through now.

To recap Ava is a very nice chunky pup in fine health, with a loving nature ,quick to learn ,a joy to feed ,one of the pack but some times a daddys girl!!! We love her to bits.

Peter & Annette 

              Floyd - owned by Dave and Sue Thomas


As many people here have said before me, we stumbled across Krisannrio after thinking about getting a GSD for some time and we were delighted to find Ann and Chris!

They had a litter with only a few puppies left to be booked, but when we went to reserve ours, Floyd actually chose us!  We were totally unaware of raw feeding but after meeting Ann, reading her website and her booj, we were totally converted.  Floyd is so healthy and a handsome boy as a result of it.  Virtually everyone we meet admires him and say how fantastic he looks. 

 Floyd is very much part of our family and he adores our boys.  He also enjoys walking, gardening (sometimes doing a little pruning of shrubs and digging of his own), retrieving balls, chewing on a lamb bone, camping and sleeping in the armchair in my office while I work!  He is so intelligent, with a fantastic nature and he loves to be around people.  So much so that he can open doors with ease.  We cannot thank Ann and Chris enough for letting us have Floyd and for all their help and support that they have provided since we have had him.  Whenever we have a question, they always have help and advice.  With Ann being a fountain of knowledge.  I would and do recommend them to anybody who talks to us about Floyd.  Thanks Chris and Ann, Floyd is now one of our best friends! 

Sue and Dave Thomas  

                    Obi - owned by Karen and Simon Pay


 After losing our 12 year old GSD Jake last year we were left with a giant hole in our lives as Jake had been with us even before our children. After waiting a few months it became apparent that we needed to fill his space within our family.

After long searches on the internet and long drives around the country to visit breeders we stumbled upon The Krisannrio website. luckily for us Tayzee had just had a litter and after a visit to Ann, we were chosen by Obi (named by our son after a man off Starwars)!!

Ann was fantastic explaining all about Raw Feeding which at first sounded a bit scary but now we are used to it,  its like second nature and all about looking after your new puppy.

No problem is too small as far as Ann is concerned. She is always at the end of the phone if you need her.

Obi even won best puppy in the show this year we went to. You can see from the photo above, Ann breeds such wonderful dogs, great temprements with children and adults, Obi follows our two children round and loves playing with them.Never far away when your out walking,yet loves to cuddle up at home.

So anyone looking for a wonderful long coated GSD needs not look any further than Krissannrio as not only will you get a special pet but also a special friend like we got in Obi and of coarse with Ann you will also get all the support you will ever need to raise that special friend.

Thanks again Ann for such a special Friend
Simon + Karen Pay

    Charlie - owned by Debbie and Jonathan Hutchinson

ch.jpg picture by website_04
Debbie said..........Charlie, what can I say!
He came into our lives when we had just lost our beloved dog buster after 12 years. I was scouring the web to find a german shepherd pup and totally by chance fell upon krisannrio site.  I phoned Ann on the Saturday, went to look at him on the Sunday and totally fell in love with him.  Ann has been such a great support over the past couple of months, but Charlie has changed our house forever.  He's naughty, cheeky and into everything, but we wouldnt have it any other way, he's only a baby afterall.

He brings a smile to all our faces everyday and is wonderful.  He's a grand looking little lad and I'm sure we've got years of fun to come with him.
Thanks Ann for trusting us to take your baby boy home, he is a joy.
Debbie & Jonathan Hutchinson 



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