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Krisannrio 'Teeka' 

Teeka was born here at Krisannrio, she is the daughter of our own home bred Laska

Krisannrio Teeka  Hips 5:4  Elbows 0:0

As you can see she is a gorgeous dark tarred sable, the Princess of our pack and oh boy does she know it!!  She is a 3rd generation for us on this line and we also have her Mum, Laska, sister Asia, half sister Ripley and Grandma Shanti.

                                          The 'dirty dozen'

In August 2011, Laska gave birth and surprised us all with 12 puppies!! They just seemed to keep coming and it was a very long whelp.  There were 6 boys and 6 girls, 11 of them were sable and there was just one black and gold male.  The owners who had puppies booked, knicknamed them 'The dirty dozen'  and watched their progess with interest on our Facebook group.

We had decided we would like to keep a girl from this litter, and were delighted to discover that all the females were tarred sables and very dark.  We were torn between 2 of the girls for so long - Asia and Teeka.  It was so hard deciding which to keep and which to let go, in the end we all agreed it should be Teeka, but we still had a massive soft spot for Asia and as I waved her goodbye when the litter was leaving for their new homes, I wondered had we picked the right one?

As Teeka grew, we were so delighted with our choice, she was such a pretty, striking pup with such promise.

Naturally reared, seen here at 8 weeks enjoying a hunk of wild rabbit.


She was the apple of her Grandma Shanti's eye and Shanti shamefully indulged her Grandaughter, as all Grannys do.  Shanti has always 'adopted' the babies here, whether they are hers or not!  And she has infinite patience with them, I think that's why our girls are all good Mothers - because they all had a good teacher - Dear Shanti.


She was a bold, cheeky puppy, always up to something........

She also had a fine old time with her mum Laska

She made friends with the cats early and has been good with them ever since, although it's only Snicker seen below that ever really bothers interacting with the dogs, the other two observe from a suitable height! 

Her ears went up quite early, and she reminded me so much of mum Laska at that age - just darker in colour.  She was nearly alway wet as a puppy, she thought that the belfast sinks, our dog's water bowls were put there as her personal paddling pools..........and she nearly always had a mouthful of somebody's ear fluff, naughty Teeka!

As she got bigger, she went through a ginger stage, which looked very striking, when she was clean and dry!

At one point she resembled an orange Fraggle! 

You can see the black tarring down her legs quite clearly here and her black 'painted toes' She also has it on her back feet and 'tarred black heels'

She was still water obsessed and still of the opinion that the Belfasts were to play in!

This is her first trip to the beach, as ever hanging off Shanti's apron strings, who still shows enormous patience with this big baby!

As she continued to grow, she seemed to be getting darker and darker






a.jpg picture by magsmate

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