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 Krisannrio promotes correct feeding

All the Krisannrio dogs are naturally fed, on a diet of raw meat and bones, if you purchase a puppy from us, you may be surprised to discover that he has been RAW weaned, this means he has been given a natural diet of raw meat and edible raw bones.

You may also be surprised to discover that feeding this diet is no more expensive and can be considerably cheaper than feeding a commercial brand of dog food.

As a result of being fed the correct diet.....The diet he is biologically designed to eat, he will not be prone to the constant trips to the vets which most commercially fed dogs encounter.  This is because a natural diet, made up of raw meat and bones, will completely support his immune system instead of compromising it.  

We do not feed any of our dogs on commercially produced food, such as the complete type biscuits or tinned dog food......... they have never even tasted it....... and never will !!  As we are natural feeders, any puppies we may produce will also be fed in this manner.

I am very passionate about the raw canine diet, so much so, that we have a raw feeding website where you can learn more about diet.  I have also written two books about raw feeding, the first published 5 years ago and the 2nd, release date 7th December 2011. Please follow the above link for both book and website.

It is important to the puppy, having been given the best start in life he could possibly get with his nutrition, that this is maintained by the new owners, this diet will help to keep him fit and healthy, it's a proven method that works and is how all dogs should be fed.......Unfortunately many aren't and I would never like to see one of my own pups become a commercially fed victim....... So please, unless you feel comfortable with this diet and have full intentions of caryying it on, don't take one of our puppies, as there are many other breeders who unfortunately still feed commercially, it would be far better for you to obtain a commercially weaned puppy, if that is the way you intend to feed it. 

If however you are comfortable with the diet and are willing to learn the 'old method' of feeding.........The true and proper way canine's should be fed, then we will be here for the lifetime of the dog to support you with this.  We also have a whole band of our existing puppy owners who have changed their way of thinking, when it comes to feeding and maintaining their dogs on the raw diet and wouldn't ever consider going back to an artificial method.  we have an online group, which will also support you, as they are all owners of our raw fed dogs.  


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If you have read enough to persuade you to give it a try, please don't just dive in, this diet is not hard to follow, but basic principals must be adhered to, because fed in the wrong way it could be damaging to your growing pup.

Bones are one of the key ingredient to this diet, without them the pup will recieve little or no calcium which would have a catastrophic effect on growing bones.  To learn more visit our RAW feeding website


 Out soon in paper back, by the author of this site, please click the poster to buy your copy 







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