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Krisannrio 'Shanti'

Now retired aged 8 and still as fit as ever.SAMPSON061-1.jpg picture by website_04

Date of birth 6th March 2005        Hips 4:8

Shanti is a paled gold, long coated sable bitch, measuring 24.5'' at the withers.

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                           All about Shanti........                

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She is a true Lady and is part of the foundations for the future here at Krisannrio. She really is helping us to build our mountain, from a little pile of clay....

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Shanti has the most fantastic, outgoing temperament, her drive is absolutely phenominal, she would willingly work all day and be very happy to do so. She is extremely obedient whilst out and is the perfect pet whilst at home, another one of those dogs you could take anywhere.

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In March 2010, she turned 5 years old and is very much our 'pack leader' she leads with a gentle but extremely firm paw, she will take no messing from any other girls and keeps order like a sergeant major with them, this is very apparent whilst out on a walk, I decide where we are going and then Shanti keeps the ranks in order, any dog who breaks ranks and wanders, even a little bit gets thoroughly told off by Shanti !!  

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She has a classic German Shepherd character, she is bold, never fearful, and actually quite likes the sound of her own voice, we call it 'yipping' as it's sort of a cross between a bark and a yap, she is a typical female !!  Having said that, she is not stand offish with strangers because that's the way she has been brought up, she assumes everybody loves her, and to be fair, they usually do !

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At home she is happy to chill out, but has one ear cocked for the sound of the leads and walkies, her favorite times of the day.

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She is extremely fit and this is partly due to the amount of swimming she does, as with all our girls it is her number one favorite activity, we are lucky enough to live close to marina's, a fresh water lake and of course the sea !  Weather permitting, she enjoys a daily swim alongside the others, but also really enjoys individual time, as she loves to work and her favorite activity here is free tracking and searching, which she excels at.

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She has also proved to be an extremely capable and willing Mother, producing fantastic looking dogs, who are as happy and healthy as she is, a great example of this is our own 'Laska' Shanti's 3 year old Daughter, who can be found on her own page. You can see the progress of some of this litter via the large progeny button on the home page, other examples of Shanti pups include Vadar Jnr of Darkside GSDs and Saskie of Galaxybears, many more may be found by visiting the 'Testimonials' page.  

There is also a very gentle side to Shanti, she willingly helps out with any pups born here, she takes 'bum and tum' duty very seriously and where other Mums may get a little fed up when their babies reach the 4-5 weeks stage, Shanti never does !!  She will and does, happily step in and play Grandma. She's not too bothered what species the babies are either (except the parrot, she's not keen on him, cos he bit her lol !) 

Here she is greeting one of our cats as a kitten, this kitten went on to have babies of her own and Shanti (when allowed by Fizz) helped out with them too, she has even been known to produce milk when others have babies, she is a natural born Mother and never happier than when she has a litter to take care of, hers or somebody elses !   

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She is the most gentle GSD I have ever owned, there is not a malicious bone in her body, although she will happily sound the 'alert' and takes her 'home security' duties very seriously ! You just try and get over the garden wall when Shanti is about ! .... Go on...I dare you !!

Here she tries to put an anxious Husky, who is in for his groom, at ease, this is a regular occurance in the Grooming Studio, the Husky is lovely and a regular customer, but sometimes, we get 'problem dogs' in to be groomed (It's not the dogs fault, it's the way their owners have made them and it's usually the 'terrier type' which cause problems) we have a couple of bitches who are so completely brilliant, they can pass on 'calm' to our cannine customers..... also nervously aggressive customers are held in place, if they don't listen to Chris, you can bet your bottom dollar they will listen to Shanti !!

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With our beloved 'Winnie' the retriever, who went to Rainbow Bridge last year, aged 15. Shanti although 'pack leader' remained ever so respectful of Winnie until the very sad day we lost her. 

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 With Vienna..... (click on the picture below and it will take you to a short video of the first time Shanti met Vienna ~ be patient, it may take a minute or two to get going) This video shows the truly caring temperament Shanti has, watch while she fusses and cleans a puppy she has only just met, whilst that same puppy is trying to chew her to pieces !!! 

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Shanti is incredibly playful, she will play with anyone who visits and they get fed up long before she ever does ! She has developed a knack of 'chucking' her toy at you, and is a perfect shot at getting it on your knee !!

She thoroughly enjoys activity of any kind and if it involves water then so much the better !!

Here, aged 2, the kids set up some jumps for her... (It is very important NOT to let your GSD partake in this kind of activity, until the long bones are completely formed and developed, at around 18 months) This was an immediate hit with her and the kids got fed up long before she did !!

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Shanti is a truly awesome sight at full gait.... that's her right in the middle...

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Isn't she just gorgeous !!

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Which brings us back to her number one favourite activity (apart from raising pups) ....Swimming !! 

Shanti is, as metioned earlier, trained to track, we don't 'do' harnesses, but prefer to set up 'free tracks' although she would and has worked on a harness, she is far happier out in the field doing her thing, but Shanti also thinks she can track under water, bless her, and has no problem at all completely submerging her head to search for the lost object, which 9 times out of 10 she will retrieve. 

Here, she is about 2.5 years old and thoroughly delighted with 'her' new swimming pool. 

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There she goes searching underwater....


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Click HERE to see Shanti swimming in 'her' new pool....

And again...another example of her searching..


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 Found it !!

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Never mind how big it is, if you chuck it, Shanti will retrieve...

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She's also not fussed if it's a mere muddy puddle, if it's got water in it then she's up for it !!

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She also enjoys a bit of tyre chomping...

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Here are a couple more videos/slideshows for you to see our Shanti in action...Don't forget to upgrade the quality via the you tube button and turn your speakers up for full enjoyment, all vids are to music.

Click HERE to see a short video of her swimming at West Kirby Marina, with her Daughter Laska, Vienna and Tiffany.

Click HERE to see her with 4 of our other girls at New Brighton Beach.

Click HERE to see her in the 'buttercup' fields with her Daughter Laska, Vienna and Tayzee. 

Shanti's obedience is 2nd to non, she made me very proud at a companion show we attended with her last year, I entered her into the 'retrieve a sausage' class....like a fool, thinking it would be a toy sausage and she would walk the class, I was shocked to discover whilst standing in the ring, that actually, it was a real, cooked sausage !! 

However she did not let me down, she was the only dog, in a huge class of about 28, to not only retrieve the sausage, but drop it at my feet and then back off, to sit and wait for it to be chucked again, she got a huge cheer and rosette :-)

 Shanti....what a star ! 

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A couple of baby pics.....

Shanti, the day she came to us at 7 weeks old 

 Image11.jpg picture by website_04

Seen here at around 14 weeks, her strong head is making itself known.

Image12.jpg picture by website_04

When Shanti was about 9 months old, she appeared as 'Miss October' in a long coat German Shepherd calander, picture below.


 20.jpg picture by website_04

When Shanti has just turned 2, she gave birth to her first litter of pups.

She remained active throughout her pregnancy and had a straightforward birth producing 8 puppies, 4 girls, 4 boys, four of which were sable and four black and gold.

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If you click on the link below, it will take you to some very graphic pictures of the birth of Shanti's first litter, they are magical photographs, with 3 different birth sequences, but be warned, they are exactly as it happens and it can get messy !!  

I would like to point out that Shanti whelped onto several brand new squares of carpet, which had been doubled over to be removed when badly soiled. I do not whelp onto newspaper, as I think it can get slippy for the bitch and the new born pups have nothing to get a grip of.  When whelping is completely done with, we then swap over onto vet bed.  

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Shanti can also been seen interacting with more of her puppies by clicking HERE See here infinite patience with a litter of 6.5 weeks old pups.

See many of Shanti's kids in the 'Owners Gallery' HERE  

                       Want to see more of our lovely girl?

( Don't forget all our You Tube videos are set to music, so turn your speakers up for full enjoyment )

Then please follow these links.......BUTTERCUP BABY is a lovely slideshow, containing Shanti and her gorgeous daughter Laska, you will also see the beautiful Vienna and Tayzee the terror !

Who let the dogs out ??....Click HERE to see Shanti coaching her daughter Laska in the art of swimming.

Here come the girls......Click HERE to see Shanti and 4 of our girls swimming and playing at New Brighton beach.

Walking on sunshine.....Click HERE to see Shanti swimming with 3 other girls at West Kirby Marina.

Lastly, please view our page of slideshows, there are many, many pictures of our girls on here, some with Vadar Jnr (Laska's full Brother and Shanti's son) View them HERE ......but be patient, the pictures may take a while to load. 


Laska says......

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