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All our puppies are born in our home.  We have a busy family with lots of other pets, our puppies are exposed to all the normal goings on of any regular household.

We produce mainly sables and black and golds, with variations between medium to very dark sables and mid black and golds to the dark faced, blanket back type.  Our Puppy Owners Gallery shows many of our babies, from early age to maturity and you can view it HERE

We do have puppies sometimes available and have a waiting list of potential owners.  If you are interested in going on our waiting list, please read through this page carefully HERE

All our breeding stock are relevant health checked. Our puppies will be sold with breeding and export restrictions, which will not be lifted except by special prior arrangement.

We will give you all the help and support you require, as the after care of our pups is as important to us as the raising of them. When you purchase a puppy from us you are also getting a lifelong after sales service as our responsibility towards that pup does not end the minute we hand it over to you, we will always be available to help and advise in any way we can in all aspects of the pup's life, should you need us to.

Our puppies come to you in the peak of health, fully up to date with wormers.

You will also recieve a whole heap of advice and suggested guidelines in puppy care and management as we are also qualified groomers.

Your pup will also have been weaned onto a 100% natural RAW diet, should you be interested in purchasing one of our puppies then it is essential you become familiar with this method of feeding, please follow this link to my RAW feeding website to read all about it, a copy of my new book The Dog's Dinner - Revisited. HERE will also be included in your puppy pack.

All information, care sheets and diet advice, plus certificates and pedigree etc will be presented to you in a breeder folder for your easy reference.

We have a three fold after care system, firstly all the hard copies or care sheets etc which you will be given at the time of sale, secondly an extremely comprehensive puppy management page which I have specifically written for Krisannrio puppies, but would work with any breed.

You will also be invited to join the online group we have for our exisitng puppy owners, this really is a fantastic secondary support system, a really busy group made up of people who already own at least one of our dogs. It's a very friendly group with many owners only too willing to help and advise new owners, as they have already 'been there and done that' ........The raw diet was new to many of these owners when they purchased their pup, now it's 2nd nature to them and they love to help new owners to adjust and learn

Lastly, we are ALWAYS available to offer help and advice to you throughout the rest of your dog's life, should you wish us to.



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