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Hi Ann & Chris

Thought I'd drop you a line with an update on Pasha's progress...

4 and a half years ago we purchased Pasha from you and boy what a rollercoster of events it has truly been! To keep it fairly short and sweet for the first 2 years of having Pasha I truly detested her! She was/is headstrong, stubborn and physically strong. We didn't start off on the right foot but now... things couldn't be more different, we have finally come to an agreement that we will get on haha!

We now happily both enjoy training and messing about in a number of disciplines from a little bit of gundog work, breed showing (she has attained a 3rd out of 5!), Working Trials (She loves to track!) and Obedience (Crufts 2012 qualified!) but most of all she enjoys being a much loved, spoilt and exercised pet. I myself am a dog trainer and run a small club that trains obedience & breed showing... all of this has happened since I got Pasha.

She is a regular visitor at the club always mingling with puppies and new dogs without a grumble from her, plus wiggling her way round everyone else who spectates and works their dogs.

Its only through persistance and patience that I got where I did with Pasha, that is the only piece of advice I can give to any puppy owners who are reading this, but in the end through all the struggles and hardship it's well worth it!
James Newton

Last words from James for 2011............

Well this year is coming to an end and what a year its been! I only decided I'd show Pasha in September and she's certainly racked up the awards in the 3 shows she's been too.

- Cleethorpes & County Canine Association Open Show:

AV Pastoral Post Grad: 1st
AVNSC Post Grad: 3rd (out of 5)
Memorial Open Stakes: 3rd

Pasha's critique from
Cleethorpes & County Canine Association Open Show, September 2011 (Judge: Keith Baldwin)

AV Pastoral Post Grad: 1st, Newtons, Krisannrio Star Pashas via Patamoke. Strong head of medium length, scissor bite, firm body, strong bone, front legs viewed straight from front, big long coat, moved out freely.
- Whittlesey Dog Training Society Open Obedience Show
1st YKC Starters Obedience 57/60 (Qualified for Crufts 2012)
2nd in Pre-Beginners (Out of 30 dogs, lost out on 1st by half a mark)

- Lincoln Canine Society Open Show (Her first show in German Shepherd Breed Class)
1st Post Grad

I cannot say how proud I am of her!! :)



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