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Krisannrio 'Laska'

Laska was born here at Krisannrio, she is the daughter of Krisannrio 'Shanti'

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Date of birth 19th March 2007        Hips 5:6

Laska is a gold, long coated sable bitch, measuring almost 26'' at the withers. Average weight 40 kilos. 


Meet the parents......

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'Shanti and Vadar'

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Vadar, Laska's Daddy is a 'Rockforce German Shepherd' Both he and his owner are personal friends, I cannot say enough about Vadar and what a true gent this boy really is, having stayed with us here at Krisannrio more than once, I can personally vouch for his fantastic, amazing temperament. He is a bear of a dog, but not greatly oversized as many people think, in fact his size is very correct, he is short coupled and very big on bone. Vadar is heading for the senior ranks now, he will be 8 years old in August 2010, but his fitness is still very apparent, Shanti and Vadar are old friends and have made the most amazing babies between them, every single one of them I am proud to call Krisannrio. Vadar spent his holidays here last year and of course we couldn't resist photographing him, what a star he is !  Photos of Vadar's stay here can be found by clicking HERE. He fully intergrated himself into our hearts, our home and our pack, settled immediately and is an absolute credit to his owner. Because Vadar is also RAW fed, he took his meals alongside our girls and fed with them with no problems at all,  a complete gentleman at the table, who would have given his food up to one of the harem instantly, had I allowed it.... We would own this dog in a heartbeat, if Jeanette would ever part with him...don't think so !!


Mum 'Shanti & Dad 'Vadar' with Daughter 'Laska' in the middle

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A family trip to the beach.....

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Laska is our very own 'Shanti's' Daughter, she turned 3 in March 2010 and is THE most fantastic GSD I have ever had the pleasure of raising, I love her Mother to pieces...but Laska... I adore !!

Laska has turned out to be everything we hoped for, she will do anything that's asked of her and is one of those dogs you can take anywhere and she will behave herself and make you proud.

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Laska is a great mix of Shanti and Vadar, she seems to have inherited all the things I love about the two of them, their great adaptability, their true Shepherd natures and their amazing good looks, in my eyes Laska is everything a German Shepherd should be.....she has fantastic drive, true workability and such willingness to learn. She also has knock out good looks, when I've finished pointing out to everybody that actually she is female and not male.  This mistake is often made because of her size, she has a stonking great head on her, and when she is stood next to her Mother, she makes Shanti, who is actually a good sized bitch - look small !!

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 Laska has also inherited the gentle side of Shanti's nature, she too is really great with any puppies we have here, but Laska lacks to desire to dominate, which makes her a truly valueable pack member as she does not use her size to bully smaller, younger members of our pack. She is happy to be part of a pack led by her Mother. 

She is so tolerant with the youngsters..

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Laska too, loves to swim, in fact, she lives to swim !! 

She has been trained to track and search by an old friend of ours who is a Home Office Accredited Instructor.  He confirmed what we always knew..... she is just brilliant, again a very athletic girl, just like her Mum Shanti, if fact these two are like peas from the same pod.

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Laska Loo, our pride and joy.....

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Laska was born here in 2007, you can't imagine how longed for Shanti's 1st litter was, Laska was a delightful baby, ever so naughty, but delightful nevertheless, she was RAW weaned and made the most hysterical journey from a cute and fluffy baby to the magnificent creature she is today.  It took a long time for Laska to completely mature, both mentally and physically, she is oversized and has her Mother living with her, I feel both these factors are contributory, but I also know now, that the other puppies also took time to reach their full potential, but Oh boy was it worth the wait ! 

 Laska comes with an 'off' switch, which works and she is more than happy to chill in the house.

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Follow these pictures to see the fluffy chick turn into an ugly duckling and then emerge a swan...  




 Click HERE to be taken to a very short, but very cute slideshow of Laska, birth to 12 weeks, please turn your speakers up, the song is also adorable !


Seen here at around 5.5 weeks old 

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8 weeks....

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Laska's ears both went up quite early, stayed up for a while and then one after the other, both went back down again.  This happened whilst she was teething and it can happen to lots of puppies.

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How funny does she look here ?...

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 I was in despair of them ever coming back up again, but they did and it happened when she was around 5.5 months old.  4-6 months can be a very unfortunate age for a GSD pup, some of them look so funny and Laska Loo was no exception, by the time she was 4 months her ears were up and down, she was all legs and tail and she had lost all that beautiful puppy fluff, she looked a right state !!  

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Click HERE to see Laska and Tiffany growing up together


Here she is learning to swim in the sea, with Mum Shanti supervising, see more of this afternoon, when her Brother 'Bailey' joined us, by clicking HERE 

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Here she is practising in her own pool, click HERE to see the video of her at 6 months old, delighted to be swimming...  

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By the time she reached 6 months, she had emerged from the gawky stage and was starting blossom...

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Seen here at around 9 months...

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With baby Vienna...Laska is 16 months old here


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Want to see more of our lovely girl ?


 Then please follow the many YouTubeaa2-16.jpg picture by magsmate links to see Laska moving as a pup, adolescent and adult, here you will see her running, playing and her favorite pass time ........swimming !!!    

See her swimming at 5 months old HERE........

I love the video ''RAWHIDE'' in which Laska, now 17 months old, is playing with her favourite toy - a motorbike tyre !! ........

 Check our ''buttercup baby and see her playing in the buttercup fieldswith some of the others, see her as a teenager with Tiffany HERE and HERE

Two further videos of her swimming with some of the others, this one taken at West Kirby Marina, view HERE....

.......This one taken at New Brighton beach, view HERE.... 

Lastly, please view our page of slideshows, there are many, many pictures of our girls on here, some with Vadar Jnr (Laska's full Brother and Shanti's son) View them HERE ......but be patient, the pictures may take a while to load. 


Laska says......... 

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