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  We have an exclusive group on Facebook

And it is JUST for Krisannrio owners, or for owners who are waiting for their puppy to be born.

We keep it as a closed group as it is a happy, friendly place, with no squabbling, no trouble making and non of the usual nonsense which can sometimes be associated with Facebook.

The group is open to all Krisannrio puppy owners, so if you have one and not realised this, then please contact us at [email protected] and we will send you an invite.

The people who are on our little group have two things in common, they own a Krisannrio/or they are waiting and the tremendous love of their dogs.

It is a wonderful place to share you photos, stories, worries or triumphs, made up of a very special group of people, who own very special dogs

Our owners usually make a lot of friends on our group, who then go on to meet up and have reunions and get togethers.

Krisannrio news is always being shared and we can't wait to hear yours.

We look forward to you joining us xx

Straight from our group

''Well Zoe and Jeff today is the day :-) I bet it was a long night last night :-) hope today doesn't drag for you. I was dead excited when we picked Samson up, we had travelled to Preston on the Friday night straight from work so we could get up and finish our journey on the Saturday morning :-) I think it was about 11am we were collecting him, I remember walking into the grooming studio, there was a dog making a terrible noise, guess who it was Yep Samson, he had been groomed, I don't think he must have liked it :-) but he did look absolutely gorgeous though''

''Fen has found his voice lol first time I have heard him, howled in outrage when his mum and VN went for a walk pmsl, a very disgruntled little Fenris is sulking on a vet bed in his run, he's gone quiet now though!! I turned the radio up full and walked away, didn't take long for him to settle xx''

  ''If I don't look, Mum can't see me''

  ''Friendship comes in all sizes, Ava and Louie'' 

''Great clip Sam ,she really tucking into that half a rabbit , did she eat the half a liver, the little whole kidney & its diddy heart? lol one complete meal.''
  • ''Yes Annette, shes eating all liver,kidney and heart not much left now & shes just fell asleep lols.''

      ''I would rather have that squirrel on the lawn! Norty Kody!'' xx

      ''One day I will be big and I can go out this door'' xx



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