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 We take many walks with friends and their dogs, also puppies we have bred, this page is dedicated to them.

If you own a Krisannrio pup and want to come walking with us...........drop us a line.

Firstly, it's got to be Harvey, the Cavalier King's Charles Spaniel, owned by a good friend of ours Pauline Somers and best mates with all our gang, he has seen most of them grow up, he has been on many walks with us and is a frequent visitor to the grooming studio.

The gorgeous Harvey....

a2.jpg picture by harvharv

Out on a 'wet' walk , with the girls

d1.jpg picture by harvharv

With our friend Paul

a7.jpg picture by harvharv

Me...Me, Me, Me !!! 

d.jpg picture by harvharv

 Harvey feels very at home in the Grooming Studio, so much so, he has a favorite table and prefers not to share !! No matter how big the customer is !

And Tory the Pyrenean, is very, very big !!  Good job she's a lovely girly..

a33.jpg picture by harvharv

Cor, this grooming lark doesn't half take it out of yer...time for 40 winks 

;-) ........

a34.jpg picture by harvharv

 Isn't he gorgeous !!

a23.jpg picture by harvharv 

Meet the magnificent 'Nero' owned by our friends Jan and Jeff, bred by ourselves,  Nero is a 'Tiffany' son.

a8.jpg picture by website_04

a.jpg picture by website_04

a4.jpg picture by website_04

His first trip to the beach with some of the girls...

 aa.jpg picture by website_04

a21-1.jpg picture by website_04

 Lob it Lewis !!

1.jpg picture by website_04

Yes !!!

1a.jpg picture by website_04

Great he's having his first swim...Awwww !!

1b.jpg picture by website_04

Next comes Sampson, owned our friends Richard Ball and Dianna Slade, bred by our friends Paula and Mike Randall of Zakasia German Shepherds, Sampson has been on many, many walks with our girls.

a2.jpg picture by website_04

Sampson is on the right...

a.jpg picture by website_04

Still on the right..

a13.jpg picture by website_04

Still there !

a12.jpg picture by website_04

aa1.jpg picture by website_04

Sampson takes the lead !!

A1-2.jpg picture by website_04

 Here is Bailey, owned and bred by our friend Karen Mills, Bailey has accompanied us to the beach and the moss.

a10.jpg picture by website_04

 Bailey in front, with Sampson behind...

b6.jpg picture by website_04

Bailey on the left...

b1-1.jpg picture by website_04

a2-1.jpg picture by website_04

Here are Ruby and Kaiser, bred by Paula and Mike Randall, Zakasia and owned by our friends Gemma and Matty, Ruby is our own Tayzee's full sister and Kaiser is our own Vienna's full brother.

GEMMAGIRLSMOSS092.jpg picture by website_04

Ruby and Kai on the right

GEMMAGIRLSMOSS098.jpg picture by website_04

Ruby and Kai in front

GEMMAGIRLSMOSS063.jpg picture by website_04

Kaisers got it...right at the back !

GEMMAGIRLSMOSS105.jpg picture by website_04


GEMMAGIRLSMOSS047-1.jpg picture by website_04

Kaiser and Ruby in the middle, Matty on the left !

GEMMAGIRLSMOSS100.jpg picture by website_04

 Kaiser and Ruby at the front

GEMMAGIRLSMOSS024.jpg picture by website_04



Anther Ruby, this time both owned and bred by our friends Paula and Mike Randall

Ruby on the left

4.jpg picture by website_04

Paula and Ruby, Ruby on the right !!

A10-3.jpg picture by website_04

Ruby 3rd from the left and Nu nu, another Zakasia girl 2nd from the left 

A1-3.jpg picture by website_04

Ruby on the left and an OOops Tomas !! on the right !

A-2.jpg picture by website_04

From the left, Vienna, Ruby, Shanti....On yer marks.......

A16-2.jpg picture by website_04

Here is Vadar Jnr, bred by ourselves, Shanti's son and full brother to Laska, owned by our friends Nick and Carolyn, Vadar is a regular visitor.

As a pup... right in front of Fizz... Th

ab.jpg picture by magsmate


bc.jpg picture by magsmate

OK sos you're just visitin.. that's allowed...

c.jpg picture by magsmate


swim284.jpg picture by shantipups

These pics were taken at New Brighton Marina

swim146.jpg picture by shantipups

Vadar on the left

swim255.jpg picture by shantipups

There is a series of slideshows of this day, which can be viewed by clicking HERE

swim333.jpg picture by shantipups

2e.jpg picture by magsmate

Awwww Gabs...She wants her spade back........Vienna and Laska like it very much !!

a11.jpg picture by magsmate

Especially Laska Loo !!... naughty girl !!

a8.jpg picture by magsmate


Meet the lucious Miss Pasha Paws, we were lucky enough to share a small part of this beautiful girl's puppyhood,  she belongs to a friend of ours Jackie Wallace and these photos were taken on New Brighton beach, Vadar from above pictures came too !

Hello again gorgeous girly.....

a4.jpg picture by magsmate

a5.jpg picture by magsmate

3c.jpg picture by magsmate

Vadar Jnr, being encouraged to swim by Nick and Cesca ..... Is that a Miss Pasha Paws and a Miss Gabby I see watching ?

3d.jpg picture by magsmate

Pasha's right in the middle of things now... Vadar front 

3e.jpg picture by magsmate

Pash and Vienna...

3f.jpg picture by magsmate

3g.jpg picture by magsmate

Wayhey Pasha !!

3p.jpg picture by magsmate

a.jpg picture by magsmate

The beautiful Pasha ....

2-1.jpg picture by magsmate

How much fun....

2b.jpg picture by magsmate

 Laska up on the rocks, with Gabby and Cesca. Vienna and Pash, Vadar closest

2f.jpg picture by magsmate

2m.jpg picture by magsmate




This gorgeous little Beagle is owned by a friend of ours, Kevin Coulson and his Family, they had always been worried about letting her off the lead, as she did not like to come back if she picked up a scent !! But she was as good as gold with our lot and really behaved herself.

tt1.jpg picture by website_04

Getting to know Vienna 

tt2.jpg picture by website_04

tt.jpg picture by website_04

 tt3.jpg picture by website_04





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