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So you want a Krisannrio Puppy? Here are some FAQs

Is Krisannrio a kennels? - No, we are not, but we do groom dogs professionally, when you visit Krisannrio, you will pass through our grooming studio and into our home.  This is where all our dogs live - in the home.  We used to have a dining room, now we have a dog room!  All our girls live together as a pack, and you will meet them all as a pack, on your first visit to Krisannrio.

I want to book a puppy, how does this work? -  Depending on when you registered your interest, you will be invited to meet Mum prior to mating, or while she is still pregnant - provided to she is not too far along with it, if she is approaching the time of her birth, you will be asked to wait until after the pups have been born.

Will I have to pay a deposit?  -  You will never be asked to place a deposit until your puppy is born and you have chosen it, yourself....after seeing mum and pups together when they are four weeks old... unlike some unscrupulous breeders, who insist you pay a deposit to remain on their list, we have other, more important criteria for you to remain on ours.

What sort of criteria? - Well, firstly and most importantly, we are natural rearers, this means that your puppy will be weaned on to a raw diet made up of raw meat and bones, if this is the first time you have realised this, then please follow all the links which I have provided, so you understand more about this diet and why it is so important.  If you take a puppy off us, we hope that the puppy will continue to be raised....by you...on a raw diet.  This is far more important than any deposit of money!

What if I don't want to feed my puppy a proper diet? What if I just want to feed him convenience foods? - Then we would respect that this is your choice, we would also respectfully suggest that you obtain your pup from an artificial feeder/breeder, there are plenty of them about.  Our puppies are not fed on an artificial diet, they are fed correctly and it's very important to us that their new owners continue this method and feel happy and comfortable with it.  

What will happen if I buy a pup off you and then swap him to an artificial diet? - Just as you are putting your trust in us as breeders, we are putting our trust in you as owners, there is a reason you wanted one of ours - on that initial phonecall when you tell us how beautiful and healthy our dogs look and how they stand out from other sites you may have viewed - there is a reason for this - they are naturally fed !!

It will always be your choice to swap your pup to an artificial method, but it would be something we strongly advise against as we believe that swapping from a correct method to an artificial method can and does cause problems.

Why do you want to dictate to us what we can feed our dogs?  -  We don't!! - we want to strongly advise you what you should feed OUR dogs.

I don't know anything about this 'raw diet' but I do want a pup from Krisannrio.....  This is where we really come into 'our own' as breeders, we expect that many of you will never have heard of a raw or natural diet, every litter we put out, contains owners who have never fed in this manner before.  We cater for that.  We will offer a strong support network to help you learn the correct method; even if that means weeks of being on the phone to somebody, we will help you to feel as confident about our methods as we do.

How will you do this? - We will do this, with your full co-operation.  Which means learning about the diet prior to your pup arriving with you, by using all the information and links we provide and the literature available to you. We can teach you, but for this to happen, you must have a desire to learn.  Click HERE to learn more about our feeding methods

We have a double support system for new owners....firstly US !!  When you buy a puppy from us, you are not only buying the pup....we also come as part of the package, for the lifetime of that puppy.  We are available throughout the whole of the dog's life, whatever the age of him, to support and help in anyway we can.

We also have a Facebook group, which brings many of our puppy owners together, to get to know each other.  Here you will find a wealth of experience, from owners who have 'been there and done that' the raw diet no longer worries them.  Many of these owners were also unfamiliar with a raw method of feeding, now they can't see any other way.  Our group is a friendly, helpful bunch of many of our owners, who are happy to share their experiences with another generation. 

Why are you so against us swapping our pups to an artificial method? - Experience has taught us that other dogs or puppies who are swapped from an artificial method of feeding to a correct method, show significant improvement.  Experience has also taught us that pups who are reared correctly by the breeder and then swapped by the new owner to an artificial method, don't do as well at all.  A crude comparison would be a vehicle designed for premium fuel to be then filled up with diesel.....the vehicle would suffer, it would malfunction.......and so will your puppy, for he has been used to the best possible diet we as breeders can provide.

If you decide to swap him to an inferior, artificial diet, then we will not be held responsible for the consequences.  These will include stomach and digestive issues; as you swap from one brand of artificial, commercial food to another in the hope that your puppy will find something it can tolerate.  Your puppy is a carnivore, NOT an omnivore, please don't ever forget that. 

Have owners ever swapped their Krisannrio pup to a commercial method of feeding? - Yes, unfortunately a very few have, but we are happy and condfident that 95% of the puppies we raw wean, stay raw fed.......there will always be one or two that slip the net.

Ok...So I am convinced that raw feeding is best, what other criteria? - All our puppies come with permanent endorsements, this means you cannot export them and you cannot register their progeny.

So what does that mean.....'cannot register their progeny'? - It means that you cannot breed from them......Well actually, you can, this I cannot stop you doing, but I can and will stop you from KC Registering their progeny....ie - their offspring, their litter, or a litter sired by them.

Why would you do this? - We do this to protect our dogs.  It is very important to us that Krisannrio puppies are much loved pets.  We do not want our girls falling into the wrong hands and being bred to 'God knows what'  We are very proud of our Affix and all the puppies produced under it, these dogs make wonderful pets, we do not cater for the breeder. If a dog is not purchased for breeding purposes, then there is a much stronger chance that pup will remain in their home for life.... 

Is there anything else to consider? - Yes! there is :-)  We ask you to consider whether this is the right time for you to have a pup? Our dogs are not 'couch potatoes' they are proper dopper GSDs, who thankfully haven't had the drive bred out of them, and they will work all day long for you - If they are given the chance.

But I just want a pet, something to love......So buy a goldfish.... or a hamster, they will both amuse themselves.  If you want a German Shepherd, then you have to put the time in, this is not the easiest breed, especially during adolescence, but they are the most loyal, trustworthy, trainable, loving, rewarding companions you could ever wish for, if they get the stimulation, guidance and training they need. 

So that's it then, I am happy to raw feed, I don't want this puppy for breeding purposes and I am at a position in my life where I can give him the attention he deserves....what now? - Now you step under our wing, we welcome you into the Krisannrio family with open arms.  We reward your efforts to stimulate and train your GSD with a 50 pound cash back on the purchase price of it, on completion and proof of the KC Good Citizens Gold Award. (As of 25.11.2011)

We completely support the natural feeding of your GSD with lifelong help, should you need it.  If you live close enough, we can even provide you with the food you require, right down to 'wild caught rabbit' skinned and fresh from Scotland.

You will be welcomed onto our internet group, you will be invited to 'get togethers'  You will feel 100% supported, you will be a Krisannrio owner.  And that doesn't just happen to 'any old' person, our owners are as special as our dogs xx



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