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We are delighted to announce that on 15th April, 2014 Ripley graced us with 7 beautiful puppies, we have 4 boys and 3 girls, solid blacks and black & golds.


One female puppy is available and ready to leave now, here she is..............                   


 This is a very special litter, as is it a 4th generation down a raw fed line. We bred mum Ripley and we own her mother Tayzee and Tayzee's mum Lacey was owned by very good friends of ours, Zakasia GSDs, non of the girls mentioned have ever so much as tasted that stuff they have the cheek to call 'dog food'  Our dogs are naturally fed and their puppies are naturally weaned, we DON'T annually vaccinate any of our girls and we don't use chemical wormers on them either. 

 Ripley suprised us all by having 2 solid black girls and 2 solid black boys in the litter. 

The sire of this litter is Buzz at Rockforce, you can see more of him here (he is also raw fed!) Rockforcegsds

 It is ESSENTIAL that you are not an artificial/commercial feeder if you wish to own one of these puppies.  We much prefer owners familiar with a raw or natural method of feeding, but also understand if this is new to you, but you must be open to learning and you must promise not to swap one of our puppies onto commercial food should you be lucky enough to obtain one.  Please have a read through this, before you get in touch. FAQ puppy buyer's guide








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