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Krisannrio 'Asia'

Asia was born at Krisannrio, she is the daughter of our own home bred Laska


 Krisannrio Asia ~ hips 4:6 elbows 0:0

                                         The dirty dozen

In August 2011, Laska gave birth and surprised us all with 12 puppies!! They just seemed to keep coming and it was a very long whelp. There were 6 boys and 6 girls, 11 of them were sable and there was just one black and gold male. The owners who had puppies booked, knicknamed them 'The dirty dozen' and watched their progess with interest on our Facebook group.

We had decided we would like to keep a girl from this litter, and were delighted to discover that all the females were tarred sables or very dark sable. We were torn between 2 of the girls for so long - Asia and Teeka. It was so hard deciding which to keep and which to let go, in the end we all agreed it should be Teeka, but we still had a massive soft spot for Asia and as I waved her goodbye when the litter was leaving for their new homes, I wondered had we picked the right one?

Asia at 12 weeks

As it turned out fate took a hand in things and to cut a long story short Asia came back to us, through no fault of her own, or her poor distraught owners, circumstances just changed for them and not in Asia's favour and so they made a brave and hard decision, Asia should be rehomed.  As we always take responsibility for these things, Asia of course came back to us until a suitable home could be found.

In the meantime we were all busy falling in love with her all over again.  She was a stunning example of a shepherd.  We wondered if it was fate that had brought her back to us and so we decided that we would keep Asia close and incorporate her into the breeding programme.  She was hip and elbow scored and achieved great results.

Credit must be given to her owners on the fantastic condition she was in when she came back here, still raw fed and still with a gorgeous nature.

                                             Asia now

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