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Hello and welcome from all at Krisannrio!

Krisannrio German Shepherds is a family affair, headed by Peter Ridyard, who holds the family affix, Ann & Chris Ridyard and son Zak Ridyard.

The Ridyard family have been involved with GSDs for nearly 30 years, the love of the breed and the commitment to producing gorgeous German Shepherds, who make wonderful family pets has never dwindled.  A new generation, Zak, who has been actively involved since he was a child ensures that we hope there will be Krisannrios about for many years to come.

Ann has had a keen interest in natural dog nutrition for a number of years now and in 2008, wrote the first edition of her book 'The Dog's Dinner' the book progressed and evolved over the next few years until in 2011, Ann brought out the last and final edition 'The Dog's Dinner - Revisited' .

The book along with her raw feeding website and Ann herself, have helped many 100s of owners and breeders alike swap their dogs from an artificial, or commercial method of feeding, to a more natural one.  You can visit her site HERE

Chris Ridyard is a professional dog groomer, quite handy when you have lots of GSDs who love to get mucky!  See our grooming studio HERE 


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